The highlight of your day


Today was a really nice day by the sea :slight_smile:



OMG! you are so blessed to be able to enjoy such beauty in nature. Very happy for you. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pics.

Did you get in? Even if you don’t go in the water to swim; do wet your feet with the sea water, it takes all bad energy out to the sea and good ones comes in (superstition from my Island but I love to do it every year).


Greetings @angelight313_168 , greetings to you all from the beautiful North Sea that was there today, it was so beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.



We have great energy coming with you, to your home. You are beautiful in and out.


Gorgeous! I wish I was there!!! :purple_heart:


lmao I was going to say the same thing…I’m glad she’s enjoying it so much.


I’ll be back at the water in 2 weeks I can’t wait - snorkel time!


Beautiful! It’s been far too long since I’ve been to the seaside. My soul is crying out for the sound of the crashing waves.


I want pics from that too! Just be careful. I

can’t do that (snorkel/diving) bc I almost drowned when I was 10? a few times, and can only wet my feets in the sea… That’s as far as I’ll go…:cry:

PS. I’m not afraid in the pool; only the sea. I feel the sea always try to drag me in, as if it wants me…scary bc almost drowning is not fun and it hurts a lot.


I grew up in the water - I did almost drown 3 times! In a pool because I thought I knew better. I have had a lot of swimming lessons and I used to dive - jellyfish don’t even bother me! I love the ocean so much! I am sorry that happened to you.

I have decided someday I want to live on a house boat at JeJu Island! hahahahahaha!


I almost drowned in the ocean in Hawaii. What a terrifying experience, but my heart and soul belong to the sea - like I actually feel a physical pull to it. Maybe I was a sea creature in a past life.


I definitely was a mermaid or something - I would swim with sharks if they let me! Love all sea creatures! Especially dolphins! I have a great story about dolphins I need to find my photos.!!!

If you look at my Instagram it says - where are you - and I said “By The Sea”


My profile photo is taken at my favorite oceanside location. A place where the mountains and their rainforests meet the sea.


@my_happy_place @angelight313_168
I can only recommend to all of you, as soon as you get the chance, visit the sea…
It is so powerful, and as Angelight wrote so beautifully, it is so full of energy.
Every time I’m by the sea, and believe me, it’s also far too rare…
It is so wonderfully quiet inside me and I see these powerful waves, so calming…:heart:

would also like to see pictures of snorkeling :slight_smile:


Couldn’t have said it better myself. Inside my head is usually a very loud place, but I am overtaken with complete quiet when I’m by the sea. Worries and anxieties just melt away.


East Coast Beach


Out water taxi in Amsterdam

Germany Sunset on my river cruise in Rhine

I love the WATER - Any WATER - Even lakes! But the beach is my happy place - bahahahaha @my_happy_place


Such beautiful photos!


Me too! I am from San Francisco and I MISS THE OCEAN!

The Coast Guard practices at Ocean Beach when the waves are high.

Of course, there is ALWAYS a surfer in that cold, shark-ridden water!

We have great whites swimming into the Bay all the time. They are HUGE. You know a Great White is visiting the shoreline when all of a sudden you hear all the fishermen scrambling and shouting in English, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Cantonese, and Spanish to pull in the fishing gear and crab nets. (Me too those sharks are HUGE! I don’t want to lose my pole and crab net!)


Awesome photos!

Great whites are so terrifying! Did you personally take that picture?


Were those waves crashing enough for you? :sunglasses: :grin:

No. I grabbed that off the internet. I don’t bring my camera when I go fishing. Just my fishing gear, a folding chair, and a hoodie. The wind is cold in SF. The one that swim under the pier was around 20 feet long.

Here’s Tornado Wharf where I used to go fishing. It is on the Presidio near Fort Point (That old fort under the Golden Gate bridge) The pic was snatched from Google Maps. It is a calm day, The tide is middling so there is not much fishing going on. When the low tide is returning, that pier is FULL of people fishing and crabbing.

The Berkeley pier is another place I used to fish. No one is fishing on the pier in that picture because the tide is high. They’ll come back when the low tide starts to return and comes in.

I lost a good pole one time when I couldn’t get the stingray off my line in time. The pier is too high during low tide so if you catch a ray and it jumps out of the water, it will break your pole and line if you can’t get a net under it in time. Plus I was fishing for perch, not stingrays so my pole and line were lightweight.
Here’s a pic of one some guy caught. They are big.


and I am stuck here in the sage brush sea. Not a shark or ray or perch to be found anywhere. And my hubby passed 2 years ago so I don’t have him to go salmon fishing with up in the mountains. :disappointed_relieved: