The highlight of your day


Almost. If only I could hear them. Recorded wave sounds are never the same. You can’t ‘feel’ the power of them unless you’re actually there.


As an insomniac, I am up when I should be asleep. I’m packing up a Shark vacuum cleaner to send back to Amazon because a piece that should not be loose is loose. While taping up the box, I’ve been watching different YouTube videos in bits and snatches.

This lovely video came up via auto-play. What grace and beauty.


This is my anthem:

The animation in this one was exceptional! I loved the sparkly water!

My grandma’s home is in a fishing village, so I’ve basically lived at the beach. No fishing, snorkeling or diving… just hours of jumping in, jumping out, building tunnels in the sand and making my grandma scream when we went too far in :joy:. There’s also a little island nearby so we go there with the family! Thank you, everyone, for all the pictures! It feels so nice to remember the sun on my skin while I run around the beach. It’s cold, gloomy and wet over here in the city right now.


:cn: :1st_place_medal: 2021 Olympics in Tokyo.
I had caught this on YouTube, she’s only 14!! Amazing!!


:joy: Ahh,. uh… The beaches in San Francisco are COLD, damp and, windy! It’ is a rare day when it’s warm enough to go sunbathing I am not one to lay out in the sun anyway. We did run around the beach chasing waves and rip tides and climbing those crumbly cliffs and hunted for sand dollars and garnets in the sand.


This shark has quite a lot of injuries… I wonder from what… they too have a difficult life in the sea :frowning:


It is really perfect her jumps. But I do question 13 and till 16 years old to be participants at such or any adult venues. I think this is wrong.


I know what you mean. Those gymnasts are generally ‘over the hill’ by 20 years old.


One of my favorite people! Bubbled Today!:yellow_heart:

And I am seeing a friend that moved for Dinner!


I just watched Moana the other day. I love it. That song is still in my head days later.

I love your memories of being at the beach. It reminds me so much of my own. My family regularly went camping at a beachside campground in the forest. It wasn’t a beach where you could really swim, - the waves are too big and violent - at most you might be able to get about waist deep, and like @porkypine90_261 said, the weather at our beaches is usually windy and somewhat chilly, even if the sun is out, so those rare days when it was warm and sunny were such a joy. But nevertheless, we would spend hours building things in the sand, flying kites, wading in the edge of the water, and there was a little stream that came out of the forest and fed into the ocean, so we would collect rocks and things and build dams. I am missing those kinds of days so badly right now.


It has been proven, I think, that women gymnasts and swimmers who start training really early and never give it a rest can damage their bodies by the stress of long hours, travel, competing, etc. Excess cortisol affects the onset of puberty and menstruation, which in turn can affect growth, bone health, reproductive ability later on. It can also set the stage for certain types of cancer.

Not a life for a child for sure.


This was so sweet, it is definitely an highlight of the day, although posted 4 years ago :blush: he is not the dad or anything, watch at the end, the kid does a cheeky quick smile, really sweet. :blush:


awwwww I love watching Return of Superman for this same reason! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The two have finally made it… They came from China and flew to me :slight_smile:
Finally they are here
If there are colour differences too, it doesn’t matter. I just love them both :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You can paint them too. I paint all my stuff. I prefer white or gold over black. Most of the times if something is black, and I can’t find it in the color I like, I repaint them to the color I want. You do have to make sure you use the right paint; so I always ask in the paint section what material (ceramic, metal etc.) I have and want to paint in another color, and they get me the color and paint I need. If I want an specific color that they don’t have they can mix them for you.


They are super cute!:smiley_cat:


I am finally back at Viki after a long hiatus and this is my highlight for today!

I really missed this community and the work here. I am also really happy to know, despite being inactive for nearly two months, people still tagged me in discussions and thought of engaging me in the conversation.

I really love you Vikians!



Welcome Back!!! :sunny:


I am also so happy that the two B-cats are finally here :slight_smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I took the parcel out of the messenger’s hand squealing with joy, I don’t want to know postman was thinking :sweat_smile: :rofl::rofl:


Two things that are kinda dumb:

#1: I cleaned through my closet and tried to put all my crazy clothes together - I forgot I had some stuff!

#2: I’m actually getting muscles in my arms from weight lifting!!! Kinda cool! And I can lift way more than I used to be able to. Deadlifting 65 lbs and up to 90 lbs if it’s not too long. :sunny: