The highlight of your day


My sibling also joined Viki today! (We were forced to keep our watch history separate :joy:)


:innocent: My highlight is being RETIRED! I can get up when I want. Go to sleep when I want. Do whatever I want to do.

Well, that’s a lie. I’d love to go to Kyoto during cherry blossom season and dine my way through italy, but I don’t have the cash for that. So, other than being broke, I am just fine. :upside_down_face:

Forced to keep separate watch histories? :thinking: :smirk: Yea. right. More like you didn’t want your sibling messing up your watch history.

Question. Do you use separate viewing devices? :innocent: :upside_down_face:


You got us right there. :rofl::rofl:
Continue Watching is already buggy and when we watch the same show, watch markers are left at different places, So, yeah, different accounts to solve the problem. Also, partly because I want her to brush up her language skills too, so she’ll be contributing once in a while as well. :crazy_face:

Yes, I use a laptop and my phone whereas she uses a tablet.


Everyday my highlight is LIGHT - I like how the light plays off of things! Here are some things in my backyard @gaby_heitmann_975


Isn’t it wonderful to have the life of nature on your doorstep? To breathe this air and perceive the scent of the flowers…
Sometimes small things that you no longer notice in everyday life can become incredibly great healers of the soul.
Your pictures are full of life thank you for this @kdrama2020ali :heart::heart:
And feel hugged by me :slight_smile:


My highlight of the Day is quite amusing and even strange. I went to get milk bread water juice etc. bc we have a storm coming: remnants of hurricane Grace?

I parked my baby and was about to load my things in the carriage when a guy was washing his gorgeous brand new White SUV. Don’t know why but he walks over to me and says your car needs washing too and starts washing my car lol. He did a great job so we start talking and the guy is loaded $$$$ but I know better so I ask him about his wife and he knew he wasn’t going to play games with me. We talked about everything virus, ppl. dying, our travels and family and I honestly felt I knew him from a long time so we are talking for almost 2 hours now and my milk might get spoiled and he says: Wait, we talked so much and I enjoyed talking to you but I don’t know your name so I told him my real name. He says well a pleasure to meet you: My name is Angel. … it’s so funny that his name is angel and my fave name is angelight. Well, we agreed one day I meet his wife and kids and make a Barbeque in his house. They seemed to be a very nice family and so is mine too. I’m hoping one day to be enjoying Puertorican music and gathering with my people that can be so much fun, caring and very friendly, too.



I keep my fingers crossed for you with all my heart that this festival will one day take place :heart:
When your heart jumps for joy, this chance meeting must be just right :slight_smile:


I think about you when I take photos outside now!!! The afternoon light is my favorite! :wink:
Thanks for the HUG


Cats Heartbreak Healed Through Puppy Love

(Facebook–The Dodo)


I’m back home after a two-month not-really-a-vacation! :joy: We haven’t seen the sun in days now(no sun in Mumbai— can you believe that!!! :scream:)… it’s cloudy and wet and rainy but it’s still HOME SWEET HOME! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Celebrated my Grandma’s 101st birthday today! She’s still going strong. :birthday::partying_face:


Wow!! Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your Grandma!! :scream::scream::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hope she has a wonderful year ahead, and stays safe and healthy!


Tonight we had a heavy thunderstorm, so much lightening was going on and most of them in the clouds, keeping the sky blinding me. The glaring light stayed for seconds. I have never seen it this way, it was fascinating and disturbing all at once. And the thunder let our old house quiver. Whenever you thought it was over, the sky would be illuminated by the searing light again. It went on for an hour, and then it was finally over …
My highlight - no damage - all is good, and now the air is clean again, and a fresh breeze is coming along …


We had an afternoon of thunder and lightning last week right overhead. The house shook with every boom.


I see the sun today - I have been getting the thunderstorms and heavy rain from the storms off the coast. It is sunny right now Thank Goodness! :sun_with_face:


Same! The sun came out today in all it’s glory!


I finally got to meet my new nephew!!! We are spending a few days at my brother’s so we can get to know the new little guy. He’s so tiny and precious. :heart_eyes:


So the second cabbage butterfly “came out of his cocoon” and I missed it :tired_face:
In the morning I took a picture, you could see through the cocoon the wings and body and I thought perhaps tomorrow, no he wanted to get out.

The first one left last Friday, I missed the action, but saw him flying on my balcony, and there was also a large moth, looked like a new born one as well. - I found another caterpillar of same species so I’m not sure if it will cocoon…


I got magenta and purple :purple_heart: highlights today - that is my highlight! Oh and I am taking a friend of mine’s daughter out for ice cream before she leaves for college - I’m sad to see her go!! :cry:



Payday! Unagi bowl and green delight roll!