The highlight of your day


There is a purple ice cream called Ube. :sunglasses:


Today I went with my two girlfriends and my girlfriends daughter to get our toes done before my Hiatus! My one friend is amputee - she had to have her leg amputated do to a fall from a ladder (be so careful folks). She gets her “fake toes” done too - I think that is so wonderful!!! :heart:


My grandma had her lower leg amputated at very old age around 75, she had an open wound for years and it became dangerous for developing gangrene. Sadly her prosthetic wasn’t that great like they have now. I hope your friend gets a good one, they are really advanced today. I wish her lots of strength, it’s a long road to recovery :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


She has had it for a while - she even has a swimming one! It just took a while to decide she had multiple surgeries to try and save her ankle but alas she had to take that measure in order to heal.


So I went once upon a time again to a hairdresser, my hair was too long to cut it myself well and I wanted some different hue… I got a nice darker ash/gray/brown over my dark blond and grays and it came out great, it compliments my dark blue eyes, so I feed very good today!!

This morning I counted 5 new green caterpillars on my kale, the same cabbage butterflies species, so more chances to see them “hatching” out of cocoon when they cocoon :rofl:


Why not put them is a big cage so you can watch them and place a camera to catch them breaking out of their cocoon.


I didn’t think of it! Last year I had black swallowtails on a small parsley and I remember I kept the pot in a bowl so they wouldn’t escape, but then they started to wander away they don’t cocoon on parsley. I was able to catch 2. I placed a small wooden plank in a card box but they would constantly leave and I lost the 3rd one.

That means I would have to put the kale plant inside a container, I have a bigger glass bowl so perhaps that would work… I don’t have an aquarium and I’m not buy one just for them… and what camera would I place there?? I use mostly my iphone :laughing:


Nobody has sat on Sandera (my horse) for 11 years. Today was the first time that a young girl sat on Sandera and I led them both. Approx. 10 min. :blush:
She was so nice, she was also skeptical, but really nice :heart: and I was so proud and grateful :heart:


Today is a day of joy here in Europe as we’re celebrating Saint Adrian and Natalia.

@angelight313_168 If you wish to know more:


Why don’t you ride it by yourself?


I sat up yesterday and she was sooo sweet and nice to me and so patient…
Why I didn’t do it first is simple, I didn’t want to scare her with my fear and uncertainty :slight_smile:


The Nutcracker :grin:

Have you heard a squirrel scold? So sweet :slight_smile:


I have heard it before, but the ones that are still here, are only seen when the nut bushes have ripe fruits. Or the neighbors bring them out, I find nuts everywhere front yard, in the raised bed and flowerpots of all sizes. The highlight was in a flower pot with a diameter of 6 cm a walnut!


Up at 4 am to 7 am for 2pm 13th Anniversary online Fan Meeting/Concert
I LOVED it! 1st Fan Meeting


my highlight, and this if for friday,
I CAME HOME, yeah I shouted. my highlight, dr said I am healing nicely, , and start using my marm more, I have and so sore! but thats still a highlight to me. I didn’t have surgery thats a ighlight, so working on my arm th get it bewtter, hey so I can at least drive safely, thats a high light, and one more thing, to be able to hear from y’all again, watch my dramas, yeah my highlight


Yayy!! Praying for complete healing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Glad you’re able to do things on your own!


This happend recently. Since I had a bunch of cabbage caterpillars. I put them with the growing kale in a glas bowl but I can’t cover it. So I’m guessing few walked away and on Friday in the morning one butterfly came out of his pupae then yesterday another, where are they just hiding :rofl:

There are still 2 pupae in the glas bow and 2 caterpillars wandering around and kale is about to die and I’m feeding leaves from an outgrown kohlrabi and I’m waiting for their cocoon if they don’t wander off again. I have a moth in a pupae on the plant pot hanging… looks pretty “ripe” :laughing:

All the little nature wonders are just so satisfying, there is a saying when a white butterfly is visiting you… you can google it…

Going for a longer bike ride after lunch it’s a beautiful fall weather, sun :sunglasses: is out with few puffy white clouds :sun_behind_small_cloud:, predator birds (red kites) are circling above my house looking for food :bird:


Hey - @frustratedwriter
It is so good to see you

The Highlight of My Day!


aaaaaaaawwwwwwwww thank you! great to be back!!