The highlight of your day


Enjoying the seaside :ocean: :sunny: :smile:


Everything WILL be OK :heart: :grin:



Your eyes match the sea so beautifully. I’m so jealous! this year I still haven’t wet my feet in the sea (for good luck and good energy). I still have time/// warmer days this week::pray:


so good to see you here as well as on FB! yeah the eyes!!!


Thank you so much. :heart: I’m sure you will, soon. :smile:


Thank you. Yes, me too. I love your posts. :heart: :smile_cat:


Ok this might weird some people out but I have owned 3 Ferrets so I love ALL creatures. I was at a friend’s house doing a Sunday Lesson and having dessert and she feeds some of the stray cats in her neighborhood. Well, this little baby possum showed up! Isn’t he CUTE!!! Oh my gosh his little feet and claws I just wanted to pick him up - I know I’m weird!!! :clap:


His black eyes make him look evil :joy::joy: But, as a person who’s been addicted to the Ice Age series since it was released, I love possums.


His eyes were so SWEET - it was dark so I did my best to get a picture. He was so CUTE


I know, right? :heart_eyes: I so adore possums. They’re super helpful too. They like to eat all the bloodsucking insects around the yard, such as fleas and ticks. It’s a shame they only live in the Americas…


yeah they may be cute, but y’know to beware, those “cute little claws” will get you, and happenchance, momma may have been around, just saying, dont want y’all getting hurt.


Omg so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: when I first time saw these I thought they were ugly giant rats until I read about them. They roamed frequently my house, usually at night and they are usually beneficial cos they eat bugs and small things.

Keep at distance though just like with raccoons and skunks!!


My highlight is another cabbage butterfly was born in my LR while I did dishes, I missed the process. I finally caught him on a leaf he then walked in my hand I opened the window and tried to grab my phone but as soon I tried to take a pic he flew away high up into the air looking for food and mate. I have 2 pupae in the bowl one is turning into pupae and one is still feeding. The system would not let me upload a video of 7 seconds. Just why?



I was behind glass. Yes - I would never bother a wild animal unless it needed help. I have rescued a few birds in my day!!! And Ducks! And…


Because Rochester, NY has a river gorge running through it, we have wildlife showing up in city neighborhoods at odd moments. I have neighbors who get possums in their garageon occasion, and they just leave them alone because they eat . . . ugh . . . ticks.

I think it’s cool that the US has a marsupial.


People are so scared of them - like ferrets - I owned three ferrets the SWEETEST creatures on the planet. and possums are GOOD - I wish more people would leave them alone!!! I love the possum in Over the Hedge! They are so FUNNY


That was a fun movie.


News outlets will have you believe that there is nothing but doom and gloom in the world. But there is still plenty of joy and celebration to be had. With that in mind, I am happy to announce that my brother and his partner have finally tied the knot. He is one lucky guy too. He has married Aphrodite herself. Never in my life have I seen a more beautiful bride. Together they make such a gorgeous pair.

Congratulations to the newlyweds! As we say here in Romania: Casã de piatrã! May your house be of stone! :confetti_ball: :sparkles: :tada: :ring: :bride_with_veil::man_in_tuxedo:


Felicitări amândurora!


Best wishes and lots of love! :wedding: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: