The highlight of your day


Beach weddings or at waterfront are so romantic, both in white, ahh :heart::heart::heart:
What a pretty sister in law you got :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Felicidades y buen suerte!


Mulțumesc mult! :grin:


Thank you so much! :heart: :grin:


Thank you, they sure are the best! :heart: :smile:


this morning a neighbor dropped by, she was so concerned about me and wondered where I have been and all. I thought that was amazing in itself, so a lot of people have wondered about me. so to me God has put me here for a reason. oh the neighborhood, is mainly Spanish, not many English speaking, but that this morning she really blessed me!



May the LORD bless their marriage with unconditional love, abundance and prosperity always and forever.


I was born in Texas and understood and spoke Spanish on a basic level until I was nine and moved to a part of the United States where Spanish was only spoken by students who took it in school.

I learned early that French, Italian, Portugese, Romanian, and Spanish are the five essential offshoots of Latin, and it has always been amazing to me how similar and how wildly different these “cousin languages.”

I assumed you were from Texas or Mexico. Wrong part of the family tree!

So fun to celebrate with you “cuz” (as they say in the part of the United States I was born in).


I assumed he was from Argentina or Spain or maybbbbbbbbbbbe half Puertorican. We have a lot of Morales (surname) in PR.


@misswillowinlove @angelight313_168

He he… I had you guessing, didn’t I? Perhaps there’s a reason for that. For instance, Texas has been in the news lately, and now everybody’s posting that shows should be cancelled and products boycotted. Does that even make sense? Lots of good people continue to live there, including my friends. It’s the same with Romania. It’s being used as a counterexample to implement evil policies. Again, does that make sense? Learn who lives there. Put people first. Not in your case or anyone from Viki, of course, but just in general.

Anyway, that’s how I promote myself and my country, through my behaviour. Ehh… Come to think of it, I’m a pretty controversial person. But that’s just who I am. Love me or hate me. :sweat_smile:


Perhaps there’s a reason for that? lmao I don’t get it. Anyway, NO one can hate such a sweet person like you, there’s nothing to hate about you. I do love the controversial person that you are, that speaks and advocate for others so fearlessly. Whether we like it or not; you get your point across to everyone, and that goes very much in your favor (imo).


Well, of course people are going to have SOME ambivalent feelings about people from Romania because everybody from Romania is a vampire. But vampires are people, too.

I mean, vampires were people, too.

"Așa este și nu uitați!"


(Startpage screen cap)


Some people don’t like it when I rock the boat, but with precious friends like you, I’m motivated to keep going. :heart: :smile_cat:


Then you will be in shock and awe to discover that my mother’s side of the family hails from Transylvania. :bat: :vampire:


Why does the vampire look like Tom Cruise? :joy:

ahhh the boat-ride would be terribly boring if people didn’t rock it now and then. I appreciate your contributions. You’re being you. At the end of the day, everyone likes genuine people. :smile:


I have a friend who grew up in Shanghai; she’s a cardiac nurse. Her SO is from Romania; his background is actually Hungarian; he’s an X-ray technician and plays the accordion incredibly well (sometimes for weddings). They have a daughter who is eight and loves karate, cupcakes, Indian food, and running.

Two years ago, dad and daughter visited relatives in Romania, specifically in the Carpathian mountains. With this in mind, I was shopping one day at Wegman’s (the US grocery chain headquartered in Rochester, NY) and discovered they carried mineral water bottled in the Carpathian mountains.

At that point, Vlad the Impaler and Bela Lugosi were replaced with the image of a little girl and her dad.

It is interesting how every culture, ethnicity, language group becomes real people and not statistics when you introduce families and food.


good question!! vivi! but vampires have problems too, heheheh, no sunlight!! and gotta drink that blood!


I needed the Chiropractor! Thank goodness! And need an ice pack! But I’ll be ok! :wink:


Food is what binds us together, I say. :pizza: :sweat_smile:


Right?! :joy: Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it.


It is BEAUTIFUL weather today and I got up at 8am to do YOGA!

I love the intricacy of these flower creations!