The highlight of your day


I had roses about ten years ago in my back yard, low-growing and spreading, almost like a ground cover. Very unusual. A neighbor I hired to mow the lawn did a great job but I forgot to mention, “don’t mow here.” And the roses were history.

There is nothing like roses to add beauty to a garden!


This was a sickly guy my friend had ignored - I have been trying to get it back to health. It is looking pretty good and maybe I can plant it soon! :rose:


this would be a good thing today.



hehe We’d love you to stop by our Segue Cafe and chat while sipping coffee and all sorts of wonderful desserts! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Woke up and felt great, and that after a bad week and two terrible days.
Hope you all have/had a nice Sunday and a beautiful week ahead!


Soo many posts there :rofl:

@lutra Have a nice Sunday and a great week too!


Well, that’s the whole point! You don’t have to read through everything, just drop in and say whatever you want to say :sweat_smile:


ok I will in a bit

now something to share. I did something this morning, I drove myself to church, the gears are the tough thing but I think I can handle that. to and from church & home… the prominent arm, the right arm of course…


The Cafe owners are all currently in a Watch Party, though :sweat_smile:

so cool! I can’t wait to start learning how to drive! :sweat_smile:


I was looking forward to it and somehow I was a bit afraid of driving, but now it’s been such a long time and there’s no trace of fear any more…
People just have to watch out when I drive up :smile:
That was a joke :sweat_smile:



Thank you so much! I made the best cup of coffee and just finished my last sip lol

You are one brave woman! I read you drove yourself to church. In no time the LORD will heal that shoulder for you as reward for your faithfulness to him. Sadly, this area my favorite church has no in person service (and I don’t think I’ll take a chance either). My son went to a baseball game and came back so sick and I thank GOD he has the vaccine bc if not; who knows what the outcome would have been. Be careful and GBY!


So Funny! We were all together weren’t we! Like someone could have trashed the Cafe but we left it in the hands of our ATEEZ Barista! @my_happy_place


Highlight of My Day - I had my first proper Watch Party!! It was so much fun, I couldn’t sleep for quite a long time after it :joy:


I sit at the kitchen table, take a deep breath and enjoy my coffee. Try to follow you all a bit :face_with_monocle: :dizzy_face:
I enjoy my coffee :heart_eyes:


I just relaxed for a moment, drinking vanilla milk and looking out the window. We all need those moments to just keep the balance in life.


thats what I want to do as well


Having my coffee in the morning, usually it’s after lunch, but I just needed some force for my busy day, so sipping on it and doing laundry in between; my laundry hanging outside will smell “delicious”!!

Enjoying the early morning sunshine, it’s a beautiful early fall weather, because as of tomorrow according to weather forecast it will rain for the next 10 days (I saw many chemtrails in the sky, usually to make it rain, I know some think it’s humbug, but they do not occur like contrails, it is said they spray chemicals in the sky, usually at night to influence weather, google it… You can see on the picture left an airplane flew from right/north to left/south and has a very short contrail, while there are zig zag lines on the sky from chemtrails)

Everyone, have a happy Monday, usually my disliked day of the week… “I don’t like Mondays”…


you sooooo funny! me too, right with you, coffee in hand reading all these things wse posted and the responses, yeah coffee!!!:rofl::heart_eyes:

p/s ever add cocoa, tad of vanilla, sugar and if you want a dash of cinnamon, then get brave add some whipped cream??? awesome for a boost in the morning. only as a treat in the mornings, not an all day thing.


gaby, how about that for your Monday??

you have a great day anyway, ok?


this is more for me and my favorite, especially for this past 6 weeks!!