The highlight of your day


With the skipping rope, I tried it again :joy: Oh dear … There was nothing :woozy_face:


Mary, I think there was some type of language misunderstanding and it took a wrong turn, also some folks are more sensitive than others, stay on the neutral course to avoid this. I enjoy reading your lines :wink: Be well :heart:


thank you simi11.

its been a very long time since I( have jumped rope, and even getting on a bike, I am lucky to stand straight without falling, its the equalibrium thing, I fall easily,

be the reason someone smiles today!


80 km cycled today, stretch all four of me


Wow really so much xD Gratz!!!


I have to admit it’s an e bike,


Best highlight ever my uncle ( he got Covid-19 a few weeks ago ) called today to wish my mom a happy b-day!!! He is slowly getting better and better. We are so happy!


I see but nice though :slight_smile:


Best wishes for you & him :blossom:

I saw a private flight show yesterday done by 2 bats, :bat: including loopings :bat:


My radishes sow really well :blush:
Back then we built a raised bed, We had remaining wood and another door that we use as a lid :smirk::joy:
This year I have radishes and chives and cucumber inside…

Can someone tell me how to tell that you can harvest radishes :face_with_monocle::thinking::sweat_smile:


Highlight of the day:
Went to TVXQ’s concert this morning.

First I was like nah I’m not going to pay that much for a live stream but then I saw some footage and I was like ok I need something fun now.


I’m easy to please, lately, it’s Park Seo Joon’s latest instagram post :grin::star_struck:


its not raining for now, going to plant some seeds!!


I was waiting for this video to get uploaded and it did today :smile:

I’m not a fan of Henry’s or anything, but I love that he is seeking out talented kids and is getting to know them and performing with them. This girl plays the violin, is shy and super adorable. It was a joy to finally watch their performance video :blush:


What kind of seeds?


Cucumbers, okra, few flower seeds too


and yes I finished planting!! yeaaaa also hollyhocks, ,zucchini too


Too cute :heart_eyes: I’m not a fan of him either but I think he’s a nice talented guy. The team name from Cheese In The Trap Kdrama is actually taken from one of his songs which was in my head all the time. And he was hilarious in Kdrama Oh My Venus.


I suppose you mean this song?


Yep that’s the song :slight_smile: I like guys playing the piano somehow hahaha


When I think about it, there seem to be more female singers playing the piano than male …