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My grave has been bought many years ago and I planted some tree that don’t grow but you have to keep trimming it and during the summer days became too much for me So I called the office to see how much it will cost to remove them. My aunt had just died from covid so I told them I just couldn’t do it bc I had no strength in my body.

two weeks later I receive a call that the little trees were removed and there was no charge bc of the pandemic I knew they wouldn’t eat anything I cooked since we do have to be careful now our days. I went to DUNKIN DONUTS bought that huge jar they sell of coffee , boxes of donuts and bagels and dropped them off at the office and told them it was for the guys that removed the tree and ppl in the office too.

It came out the same as to what I figure they would charge me to remove the tree, if they had wanted to charge me, but they didn’t. I appreciate so much that they also put mush and some pretty rocks and flowers. It seems the pandemic brought to some ppl the best in them.

If you have a bakery around and you can afford it, I suggest you order some cookies and breads and put them in a cute basket or gift bag and give it to them. It’s the thought that counts not how much it cost.


Nice idea! yes thanks and it is really the thought that counts. do have a bakery right up the street


Yet this expresses a truth that is in many ways universal. God sustains his whole creation and loves his whole creation. The Puritans called it common grace. When the rain falls, it falls on everyone. When the sun shines, it shines on everyone. When the crops are lush, everybody parties, and when the crops fail, everybody starves.

The Jewish Scriptures also have a verse from the Psalms: “I have never seen the children of the righteous begging bread.” And in many ways, I think that can be universally applied.

Uplifting and needed!


I am not a doctor nor do I play one on Viki, but as someone who is trying her best to keep the bits and pieces moving, I swear by teat tree oil mixed with a carrier oil like grapeseed oil or almond oil. I use it to gently massage bruised areas, and I put it on Band-Aids to cover cuts and scrapes.

It really is astounding how it reduces inflammation and speeds healing. Add a bit of lemon essential oil . . . and maybe a bit of lavender, and it’s a very nice thing to have on hand.


As far I know tea tree oil is rather antiseptic and antifungal and that sort but more like for topical issues. I would think this is a muscle / tendon issue and for temporary relief a Tiger balsam or better the Badger joint balm would be more appropriate, it’s handmade from NH and most likely health food stores carry it, besides it’s all natural. (I used to make my own, and when I repaired my house, I made dandelion root oil for muscle ache and for joint’s and strains comfrey root oil).

@frustratedwriter check with doc.


would be better than those hot cold balms. I think I got some tea tree oil, I sure do need something. and course will check with my doc. boy that is strong smelling!

I dabbed a bit on my wrist so lets see what takes place here


He’s a beautiful horse and such a friendly face :heart::heart:
Thank you for this picture @kdrama2020ali


If you like essential oils - this rub is also good.


I do like essential oils, thats why I have tghe tea tree oil. all I can say STRONG!!! goodness gracious… sore joint rub is it, I will check that out, and I just used a couple of drops of tea tree oil


Make sure you don’t use essential oils - straight - too strong - mix with almond oil or another oil that you like to keep it from being too harsh


oops I did, I will do it again later with a different oil, thanks


Badger! That’s the ticket!


Mary, misswillows wrote well to mix few drops with a carrier oil, can be also grapeseed oil or sunflower oil or coconut oil, use less to see how it feels. Also Badgers balm has more healing promoting properties incl. Arnica montana…


I know this brand but doterra supports some essential oils to be ingested which is somewhat controversial, so as an hobby herbalist… I do not support them… Aura Casia brand (is also in supermarket sometimes) do just fine and some other brands… don’t know now by heart.


The rub I sent her is for OUTSIDE only! I only use lemon or peppermint that is safe to ingest. I am not a distributor by any means but I know that you need to use another oil with the essential oil as to not have it be too strong when used topically. I do like their On-Guard kept me from getting a cold on my cruise I am sure of it.

Carrier OIL that was the word I was looking for


[quote=“kdrama2020ali, post:1447, topic:28319”]
The rub I sent her is for OUTSIDE only!
[/quote] Oops :cold_sweat: sorry Ali, yes that particular product might work just as well, when I hear doterra, this always pops in my head… besides they are expensive…


I know people who love Young Living - I started with Doterra - but I have a hard time using them around my cat because lavender is so poisonous - I wish I could defuse stuff more. Peppermint does help migraines though - and my massage therapist always uses essential oils on me - I love it


You have a cat, I’m jealous!! I lost mine in 2012 :sob: I had a small night stand glass diffuser which I gave my daughter. Have to look for a new one for the winter… I do love lavender too and lavender tea at night, I used to grow lavender and once I made a mix of lavender and other herbs infused in vodka as schnaps… it was too strong… :rofl: I’m sure your cat loves catnip… it’s also relaxing in tea… :tea:
I rub sometimes peppermint diluted with carrier oil on my forehead or temple when I have a headache… I also used Tiger Balm, which is much stronger… so it’s not for everyone…


For US folks, is an incredible website operating out of Kentucky. It has been around 25 years, offers an incredible variety of health and well being products, even some “snax.”

This week I ordered some essential oils that were, in most cases, half what they are on Amazon. I paid around 20 dollars US in shipping and got my order the next day.

And I ordered something called Nature’s Way Essential Oil Peppermint Shampoo. Amazing smell!

I am sure they ship a number of items world-wide.


I had a cat live until she was 19 3/4 - My Misti Blue -

Ferris - He is King: The Eternal Ferris
He is beautiful Russian Blue and he knows it! He doesn’t like me very much but he is gorgeous


They might be good! :heavy_check_mark:I used in past also for dry herbs. And there is or just local health food stores that usually carry good products or have their own label.