The highlight of your day


I had to buy 2 bars :chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar: of dark chocolate… I always must make sure, I never run out of it :rofl: It would be disastrous if I had none left!!! :cry:

I bought zucchini, will make zucchini bread on Friday for my DIL’s Birthday… times just flies… I see X-Mas decorations in stores… :scream: :christmas_tree:


I love all things zucchini - fried, steamed, baked, zucchini bars, zucchini bread. Now I’m craving it.

Already? :open_mouth:


This was in my YT recommends and I understood it :smile:
Like the comment section says, watching dramas does help :rofl:


I recognized in the Level One dialog that the speakers were male and female (duh). I recognized that they were speaking formally (yo). I recognized hello and thank you. I recognized other words that I have heard, but don’t remember in what context.

Not going to lose my status as the oldest maknae quite yet . . .


I have heard of natures way


back to the essential oil, tea tree and tumeric. my arm felt so much better in the evening after doing need to get some kind of oil to mix with it. I did use a small amount. still smelled to high heaven. but really that did a lot of good!! thanks y’all


Sweet Almond oil is a good carrier oil - and the pharmacy should have it. I use it on my skin - great stuff just by itself.


ok I will get it


I sure needed thias one




I am particularly enjoying subtitling Yumi’s Cells :smiley::grin:

The reason being, the cells are super cute. Also their names resemble Indian names a lot. There’s one cell Reason, there is one Emotion, there is one Sensitive, Love, Rampage and what not. I can translate their names to similar Indian names and it is amazing. Vivek, Bhavna, Chetna, Prem, Viplav; these are the names I can give them and it is going to be amazing, it would be more welcoming even for viewers, who would see familiar Hindi names for cells.

Ig this is my highlight, being able to relate to a Korean Drama more than ever before.


Thanks for the idea :ok_hand::ok_hand::relieved:


ok you are wanting me to watch it more and more… I do like the actors & actress

ok today, highlight or laugh I an going to "try " and slice some cabbage to fix today along with my polish keilbaska,of course mispelled, so with it just being me, a nice slice will be just fine. I will let y’all know later how I did… and attempt cutting with my left hand? maybe an attempt but thats it.


My highlight of the last 10 days trying our Indian delivery service, well, one who delivers Pakistani and Indian food wouldn’t happen in the specific countries, but works in our town.
I am not that good with spicy food - I was before we changed our meals, anyway today we had a feast with Samoas, Papadam, Naam, Mango Chicken and a lot of vegetables and rice. Yummy!
And my mom loves it, and it was her first time with real Indian cuisine.
Food is still the best to lift the spirits!

I hope you all get to enjoy a good meal too!


oh yeah I attempted delivery for groceries, grocery (food Lion) about 5 miles from me, that was very handy, and the person was very nice, and the right groceries as well! I may just do this a few times, till at least I am able to do it myself!! oh and she brought them in too. that was good in itself!



I’m kind of going BROKE from so much tipping bc I really admire this delivery guys/girls that brings to our door the items we need, risking their life (bc of the virus), and the going up and down this high rise buildings.

It’s heartbreaking that I found out one delivery guy succumbed to the virus, a few months ago, and I just found out this happened to him last week. Sadly, a lot of people where I live at don’t tip them, and they can very well afford to do so.


Finally there is a Pfizer vaccine for 5 to 11 years old. We are living on edge waiting for my granddaughter to finally get the vaccine so we can breath…Keep praying for us…thanks!



My chiro is working really hard to try and get me back to where I was before I rode around in a 4 wheeler off roading over hills and valleys! I really should not have done that!



I thought I read somewhere that you go to a gym. Do you have any tip for me on how to get a grip on my upper arms? :joy: The force of gravity is quite strong for me…
I’m already doing dips :joy: I hang on the edge of the bathtub with my back and lift myself up again and again… But it’s kind of boring in the long run and then I let it be again, which is always a shame :roll_eyes: Maybe you have a tip?! :sweat_smile::slight_smile:


I did not see a change in my arms until I started LIFTING - I dead lift. Now up to 65 pounds and I have gotten to 90 lbs. Dips are good. Do push ups on a wall! I would say you definitely need to use actual resistance like resistance bands or weights - I also do Yoga!


So it is raining A LOT - My usual atmosphere headache has happened but I still love how the rain looks. The photos do not even do the GREEN justice! :sunflower: