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hey Gabby heres one, and I bet a lot will agree.


Tell us what time you’re available here:

We have to coordinate times around the world! :sweat_smile:


oh didnt know that.sept 16 @ 1pm eastern time


This coffee mug is soooo good​:partying_face::partying_face: So drinking coffee from this mug is definitely twice as much fun :star_struck::star_struck:

Is it a kind of cappuccino, after coffee I love cappuccino and the latte macchiato

Whether it is a chemical image or not, it is a very beautiful image. :star_struck:
Do you think that this will really be done?
I mean, you can’t think badly enough because things get worse and worse :pensive:


They do it in vine regions here or where fruit orchards are, when thunderstorms with hail are expected to make it come down as rain, so the harvest will be saved. Most of the time, I think they use silver iodide. Just found the name for it - Cloud Seeding.

P.S. I knew in German there was another name for it and I finally found it - Wolkenimpfen - LOL - in English it would literally mean: Vaccinating of Clouds


Mankind is amazed that nature is no longer interested in us. Talking diligently about how you can still stop the change and actually hoping for a place on Mars :thinking: or was it the Moon ?!
And I say of myself that I am naive :partying_face:


Not more or less naive than some millionaires, who think if the world is at the end, their kids can live on the Moon or Mars, but living on these planets won’t be anything like on earth, it will be tiresome and exhausting, if there is no hope to come back to a place like earth.


fyi! thought you all may be interested

ok, got another thing I did today, I drove to physical therapist, if you know where Wake Med is on Kildare farm road, its right across the street from there. about 10 miles from my home.

one prob I discovered, changing the gears. that hurt! the therapist got to have me do some new ones, ouch it hurt! some were really good, some not. but movement is whats important. rotation and such, she was pleased how much I could move my arm.

afterward, which I now know I should have waited, went to the grocery store & bought a few groceries. driving home was something else, I did some weaving, not much but to be sure if an officer came by, and maybe I am overthinking that as well.

Got home anyway, my neighbor was home and had him get groceries in the house. got everything put away, fixed me a bit of lunch. Ibeprofin my friend today!!! been sitting here watching some programs, getting on facebook too. I am sore, hurting etc!


It sounds like it could be inflamed, anyway putting something very warm will accelerate healing, you could alternate icepack and hotpack… make sure you don’t overdo it… the recovery is very important and at your age will take some time… take several rests throughout the day… :four_leaf_clover:


yes I think I did over do it today, wait, getting icepack, dont know why i didnt think about that! been resting all day. and yes at my age i know it will take time, thanks for the reminder , the icepack, starting to feel better already


I earned my Gold QC status! :partying_face:
Viki really knows how to make me feel good. I’ve never overachieved anything before! :joy:


Congratulations :confetti_ball:


Congratulations from me, too :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::tada::tada::confetti_ball::bouquet::bouquet:


The Gym lifting weights today! Who wears VANS to the Gym - Me because I couldn’t find my real TENNIES! OOPS!


You must feel so happy!!! Congrats and Thank You!! :medal_sports::tada::chocolate_bar: :clap:



This was a beautiful Tennessee Walker that I got to sit and love on while in Aruba! I thought you might like him - I love this particular breed of horse.

More of My Aruba Photos




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Congratulations!! :partying_face:


yesterday, Tuesday, the guys next door, mowed my yard! and blew the leaves, awesome! I thought I would try & make some cookies, but honestly don’t think I can now. I will have to do something else to say I appreciate what you have done, and yes I know I don’t have to do a thing. but that was so nice of them!! my highlight of the day!!