The highlight of your day


now I get to share my highlight for the day!!

as most of you know I broke my humerus (no pun intended) about 4 months ago, had to go to physical therapy of said arm & shoulder, well today I have been released from Physical therapy , which I am so glad, but still need to do the exercises , got a bunch of print outs!!




This might be a pretty trivial highlight, but I never thought I would get to see this drama. Was sending request for years for it to come. Hopefully I will like it.

I don’t know why Viki says it is from 2021, as it is from 2015.


I had opened a ticket about this some time ago… The 2011 movie “Blind” was displayed as a 2021 movie. I’ve received no answer yet.

Five to Nine looks interesting!


I love manga - You know I’ll watch this one!!!

I think it is because it is when VIKI posts it!


I loved this one! I think you’ll like their dynamics.


My 11 year old grandaughter got her first vaccine against covid and we are in the clouds from happiness!
No more fear when she goes out with so much inconsiderate ppl. coughing over ppl, and wearing no mask.
This Christmas celebration look very promising. GOD BLESS AMERICA!


I think they have a chaos, once it’s correct and another times it’s the year of when Viki shows it… ach…



I found this in Jirisan and it made my day.




Nice Ali!! The foliage of maple leaves is just too beautiful, I had several really tall and old maple trees in my back yard, but oh the work to rake them. Enjoy the foliage as long it lasts! :leaves::leaves::leaves::fallen_leaf::maple_leaf:


Too late for that :joy::joy::rofl: and this is how I see you :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


That’s pretty accurate. :joy:


Today’s highlight: EXO’s Chen confirmed that he and his wife are expecting their second child! I don’t know why, it just made me so happy. I’ve been smiling all day long! :sweat_smile::heart:


Two days ago on Sunday I went candle lightning in the cemetery in my hometown. It’s a tradition, it’s to remember the dead or something. The candles are the ones in a plastic pot with a metal cover and they will burn a couple or more days. My mom used to go and since she’s not here anymore I started going since last year with my schoolfriend.

It is a fun and somehow food for the thought activity, the trays of 24 candles were a bit heavy and you have to place each candle in front of a grave. Yesterday I had muscle ache in my legs, lol. Many graves beautifully ornate with plants, angels and else. We even saw children’s graves which made us quite sad…

I felt afterwards very happy, spending time with my friend, doing a nice gest on fresh air and doing physical activity. On top of that all volunteers received a chocolate bear, what more can one wish :blush: When leaving it was getting dark and the display of lights felt so magical. :candle::candle::candle:


His eyes are the same color as the sea.


?? I thought he’s been away in the military? Is he out?


LOL Military is not a jail, they eventually have some days off, not much, but they do.


I dunno about that. I thought they were pretty much caged, even their phones are taken away.


Well, I think it’s not always possible for them to “take vacation” on the days they want, but when their vacation is granted.