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They do have days off. Since he already has an infant at home, I think they station him close to home. I read somewhere that dads with infants are allowed to go home for an hour a day or something.

And EXO’s Suho posted a story on Instagram while he was still serving, so I’m sure they get some days off.


In winter in my part of upstate New York, I always have dreams about large populations of odd little animals that I feel obligated to care for. And when I wake up, my cats are always lying all over my bed (and sometimes under my comforter), waiting for me to get up and feed them.

It happens every winter. Odd because my cats are rescue cats who lived outdoors in the snow and looked like Norwegian forest cats with massive, thick winter coats. And cats have a higher body temp than people!


This is so



Over here winter birdfeeding is very common. The Finnish internet is full of how to do it and I even learned it as a kid. maybe 1/3 or 1/4 of the bird species stay behind over the winters. People build speciallized bird feeding things so other animals can’t steal the food, you can even buy them in hardware stores. Maybe you should start feeding the birds? :slight_smile: Though keep the cats away from the birds :smiley:


Look at this! BTS did a Stoplight show in LA - Red Light Green Light! How kewl is that? I would have LOVED to have been there!

BTS & James Corden Perform Butter, Dynamite & Permission To Dance For Fans On The Street In L.A.


Last winter, I kept seeing cat paw prints and big bird foot prints mixed together in the snow around the big bowl of kibble I left out for the local rat catchers. I never saw anything, but one day I realized, “Hey, those are crow footprints.”

The only birds I ever really see a lot of are sparrows, so for a few days I assumed the footprints were sparrow prints.

I eventually put the bowl of kibble under a patio chair and blocked the legs off with a couple of small plastic recycling bins. That seems to have lessened the competition.

There does not seem to be any desire on either side to be like these two:

The crows and outdoor cats


When I lived in my house with big yard and old tall trees, I fed many birds in particular during heavy snow season; I bought “sure thing protection” for bird feeders against squirrels, I can tell you, they were a menace! I tried so much and I fed them corn, but they didn’t really like it, seeds, seeds, was all they wanted, they did some circus numbers indeed. I did the Cornell bird counting and one winter I was feeding a flock of mourning doves of 22 birds besides other East Coast US species, only blue birds never showed up; and a young red tail hawk had a dove for breakfast… The hawks visited often, I wished they’d taken squirrels with them :hushed:

Enjoy these squirrels ninjas who are just too clever!! :joy::man_cartwheeling:


Yeah, those squirrels are the worst, the steal the bird food, the go dig it down/hide it and forget where they hid it.

Yeah, cats are big small bird predators. Over here it’s common for ppl to let the cats run free outside and they then come back when their hungry. Often they can bring back ‘food’, meaning a dead bird or rodent.


I used to worry about the poor hungry kitties in the winter, but there are probably four families on my block that feed them to encourage them to hang around and kill rats and mice, and the cats always have thick coats.

The reason I feed them at all is because of some nutritional additives that I read about a couple of years ago. I add food-grade diatomaceous earth, lysine powder, extra fat, and nutritional yeast to whatever kibble they are fed. The diatomaceous earth kills parasitses, the lysine boosts the immune system, and the nutritional yeast apparently changes their smell and makes them much less attractive to fleas.

The idea then is that they are less of a health hazard to humans and have fewer health issues that could impact the next generation of cats.

And supposedly (I wouldn’t know how to confirm this), healthy cats have fewer but healthier kittens. And they all continue to be wily little rat killers.

Cat-themed Viki shows always catch my attention, and I am excited to see this when I search the word “cat” . . .


Have you watched these other dramas?
Meow, The Secret Boy(ML is a cat)

Be My Cat (ML is a cat)

My Fantastic Mrs. Right(FL is a cat)


!! It made my day to see someone rec Be My Cat! I haven’t seen the other dramas, but I can vouch for this one! :smiley: Definitely, definitely my favorite rainy day drama so far, I can’t rec it enough. They really got the prissy cat personality right with Mr. Purrface* as I like to call him in front of my English-speaking friends.

I had the fortune of being the Greek translator for it and it was the highlight of my translation queue. Sad to see it end though.:blush::purple_heart:

*ps. Since we’re on ‘highlight of our day’… Fun fact that was omitted in the Eng. subs: the ML’s kitty name, Guguli, is onomatopoeia for a purring kitty!


I watched part of Meow, the Secret Boy a while ago but got distracted by one of the Hottie shows. I will have to put it on my expanding bucket list.


awww that’s so cute! Thanks for the info!^^


Have You Been Sharpening Your Axe? – Story



A young man approached the foreman of a logging crew and asked for a job.

“Let’s see you fell this tree first” said the foreman.

The young man stepped forward and skillfully felled the large tree.

The foreman was impressed and said to the young man: “You can start on Monday.”

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday came and went. On Thursday afternoon the foreman came to the young man and said: “You can pick up your pay-check on your way out today.”

Startled the young man exclaimed,

“But I thought you paid on Friday!” “That’s right,” said the foreman,

“but we are letting you go today because you have fallen behind. Our daily felling charts show that you have dropped from first place on Monday to last place today.”

“But I work really hard,” said the young man. “I arrive early, I leave late and I even work through my breaks. Please don’t just fire me.”

The foreman knew this to be true, and sensing the young man’s integrity, stopped and thought for a bit.

Then he asked: “Have you been sharpening your axe?”

The young man replied: “No sir. I have been working too hard to take time for that.”

Moral of the story:

Do not work so hard that you don’t take time for the most important things in life – the things that ultimately make you more effective.


This sunset I had to sit by the door and watch it was so beautiful I could not even capture it! :sun_behind_small_cloud:


Also - A rose I rescued and after a year or so starting to look pretty again!


Really pretty :smile:


A nice supprise today on my morning route to work. :slight_smile:


Beautiful! :deer::deer::deer::deer::deer::deer::santa: It’s that time!


MY HIGHLIGHT of the day…
GOT the Booster (:syringe: ) YESTERDAY and feel so much pain today, but the saying goes; NO PAIN, NO GAIN.

GOD BLESS AMERICA for giving us the freedom of choice. Choose to vaccinate or not because… it’s your life, your body, your choice. Nothing more.