The highlight of your day


I’m officially an NSSA Segmenting Graduate! :sweat_smile:
Thank you to all my awesome trainers and examiners :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congratulations :partying_face:


As we are still in cold season I had to make another batch of fire cider also called master tonic as I’m running low. I started making fire cider in about 2010 when I discovered some wellness FB pages, I was an admin of a FB group dedicated to fire cider and we did once a worldwide fire cider event with about 2000 participants :wink:

I also made Kimchi yesterday, I follow Maangchi basic recipe, but it still requires fish sauce and sweet rice, I made it without squid and leek. It’s fermenting nicely, I like it sour.



Wild Girl shake? Your Hair for me :grin::partying_face::partying_face:


Congrats! :sparkles: :confetti_ball: :hugs: :heart:


hmm, the highlight of my day…
after being sick for about two weeks I had my first day back at work. all my coworkers greeted me with tight hugs and laughter!! even though I was so fatigued as I’m still recovering, I had a nice, calm day at work with friends who love me :blush: being with them was the highlight of my day!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I finally started to work on my table project. I bought in “fall” (yes that long ago) bamboo table top to make a dining table. It is very light sort of yellowish a bit like birch color, it’s raw. 5’6" x 48" and about 1" thick. I had to research how to work on bamboo since it’s not really wood as normal tree wood is, it’s actually grass that hardens.

I want to use low VOC products and something that will seal the surface and give a good protection. If I’d use just the natural color I could’ve used just any of the natural oils but I want a white transparent hue and some sort of thin layer of wax. I found a German product Aqua Clou that carries various products and mine is also for wooden toys.

So I had to wash the surface with hot water to let the pores and grain open up so it could absorb the product. drying overnight. Next using one coat of the product with a brush and letting it dry. It dried quickly. Sanding the tiny hairs with 240 and wiping it off and then another coat of the product.

And that’s only the underside. Tomorrow I will continue the upper side which will require 3 coats; I’m surprised that the bamboo is actually absorbing the waxy oily product really well, it’s not only on top of the wood. - Once painting is finished I have to attach legs.
I’ll post a pic when it’s all done. uff :rofl:


Just finished a part of my very first segging project :sweat_smile: It’s 1AM, my back hurts, and I have school tomorrow… but I feel so good! :joy:


Looking forward to it :smile:


The UK ends Covid mandatory restrictions.

Short video - posted 3 days ago.

“Excellent natural immunity confirmed” CDC published documentation, not found on mainstream media. Posted January 24, 2022.
Video is 25:12 in length, and worth the entire listen, coming from medical professionals.


Those rules apply only to England.

Here in Scotland, we still have many rules like masks-wearing, weekly tests, working from home and vaccine passports.


:wink: Next time share a photo :blush::ok_hand:t5:!


So here my updates of my bamboo table finished, yay!!!
Why is it so complicated to transfer pics from my iphone… it always says it’s too big file… :open_mouth::cold_sweat:
As you can still see the grain/veins of the bamboo wood, I used a wax (carnuba wax) stain transparent white coating that seeps in the wood and creates a almost waterproof layer, I used 3 layers, 2 white coats and 1 transparent the surface is silky smooth to touch. This product is suitable for children’s toys. and legs are just some metal steel looking.

Next project is a sort of high sideboard, I picked up used small sideboards and will put them together and paint… the hardest part was to bring them up in second floor on round stairways… oh well… the benches and bookcases will need a sanding and painting as well… so much work…


Looks great :smile: :partying_face:


oh my it’s so pretty! and i love the lace tablecloth! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


you did a great job @simi11 I admire people with creativity :slight_smile: I’m so uncreative myself :joy:

:hugs::confetti_ball: Klasse :slight_smile:


hey everyone. my highlight would be finding this viki discussion board today. :grin:


Welcome to the boards! Hope you enjoy your time here.


Thanks Gaby, Im sure you are creative in something or some way… If I remember well, you do take beautiful pictures :heart_eyes:. I wasn’t that creative at an young age except for handiwork like sewing and crochet or knitting small projects, I did like art like painting and dancing.

When I was fixing up my house and garden and wanted save money from paying companies I developed ideas. I also made in 2020 a kitchen island from a ikea drawers chest I got for free because I missed my island from my house I sold.

Downside is that it’s time consuming you have to do research and do right measurements and search for materials.


I wish I was that creative. I have ig pics and videos saved for home decor but haven’t gotten around to do it.