The low point of your day


I don’t have that much free time! :sweat_smile:
I’m better now… all that hot stuff, vaporization and garlic-retching worked^^ :joy: My exams are coming up at the end of this month, so I’m really glad I got over this quickly… that’s a highlight!


Got my first banned-topic vaccine today, was really nervours eventhough it’s not a big deal. I hate needles. Though now it’s done and I can stop worrying.


Is there a second shot coming, or is it a one shot deal?


Yeah, second in beginning of october


Oh, wait 12 weeks with a needle like that I was pricked too :joy:


I wonder to what extend you can stop worrying. It is not so often mentioned the vaccine is only a prophylaxe to minimize severe case of Corona sickness. It won’t stop/prevent re-infection. See recent case in Holland after a techno party with very strict rules. Unfortunately it’s not like an immunization vaccine. :frowning: - To y’all stay healthy! :pray:


I’m not worried about a flu type of symptoms and being locked indoor for a few weeks. That I can deal with. In the today’s world you can buy food from the internet and have them shipped (and left) to your door. My income isn’t really under risk either since the government or my employer, depending on case, will still pay/compensate me finacially. For me, tbh, the worst thing would be to spread it to someone else and the damn needles. With this shot I will hopefully get healtier quicker and be infectious to others for shorter periods, in case I got the banned virus. The virus itself would be an concerned if I actually where really old with pre-existing health issues, but then again, I don’t know anyhow if I’ll make that far in life.


I just learned that my iPad mini is too old to support the newest updated version of the Viki app. This is what I use to do almost all of my drama watching; that is, until recently when I started having technical issues with the app that made watching anything impossible, which is why I was trying to uninstall/reinstall it. I take my ipad to bed with me every night to get in a little drama watching before sleep (or getting caught up in binge watching until I realize the sun is rising). It’s not like I can snuggle up with my laptop tucked into my elbow, so now I have to figure out what I’m going to do.


@my_happy_place, This will definitely affect, how you schedule your time for Viki activities. So, How do you schedule your time for Viki activities? :slightly_smiling_face: Click the link, let us know how it’s going, I know I become irritated when I have, limited, or no access.


After watching heavy rainfalls and the aftermath in:

if I missed out any, I am sorry.

Now it hit China, and it is possible that there will be a breach in a dam, hope that it won’t happen like there was one dam in Germany almost at the point to collapse, but in China they started evacuating a city with nearly 100.000 residents who live beneath the dam. Keeping my fingers crossed.


I buried a bird today. For a short time I thought he would still be alive. It looked like he was breathing.
I turned him over and saw many maggots.:nauseated_face:
How quick the cleanup is in this weather.



I am so happy for you! There’s nothing to worry about now bc before the vaccine we needed to worry a lot, and hope that we don’t get sick, but after the vaccine you feel you have a shield protecting yourself and protecting others too. You go out with more confidence. They are showing many commercials of ppl in ICU pleading for ppl not to wait, and get the vaccine. All the ppl I know that got the virus and survived are saying that feeling has no words to explain the pain as you struggle to breathe, the boiling fever, and incessant cough that it feels like your lungs will explode.

In here (NY) you get second dose before 3 weeks or first dose will no longer be effective, so I’m shocked yours is due all the way in October. The highest point of my day to hear/read you are protected. The lowest point of my day is to realize I lost another family member for refusing to get the vaccine…:cry:


Now we have to add LONDON to the list and INDIA
London and other parts of southern England experienced flash floods yesterday caused by heavy rain.

Pictures and videos from across the area showed roads covered in surface water after hours of downpours.

London Fire Brigade said that they took more than 600 calls concerning flooding on roads and in basements, while as many as eight Tube stations were closed.



Don’t know why it’s in October, I trust the govt, that they know what their doing. Though I haven’t seen any corona commercials here and haven’t heard of anyone I know yet that have been infected. Though some restrictions are coming back, like that the restaurants and pubs has to close at 24:00. The nation is entering a forth wave, whats infuriating is that it started with a bunch of national soccer fans arrive as a group back at the border from Russia. Because their number where something like 600-800 the gov’t didn’t have the resources to test everyone (or command them to go get tested) as it normaly would have, if the arrivals hadn’t had the needed documents to prove that they where vaccinated etc. So they let the busses through untested. In thr following days it turned out that the busses had helped spread the infections and most of the passangers had covid, but now they where in sociaty spreading it, many went and got tested etc. But the stats don’t lie, the uptick started with them. And it’s the delta variant of the banned topic. There’s now over 600 new cases yesterday. So I’m not optimistic of forever avoiding the topic, even with a vaccine.

It sounds it’s worse for you, I hope that you’ll lose no more family members or any others to this banned topic. :slight_smile: It sucks. :confused:


Yeah, it the buss came from Russia. Did a quick google, this is when still only 100 of the fans had confirmed. I’m home, in Finland, watching the s*** show. Thankfully I don’t live in a ‘big’ city.

Yes, 24:00 is the digital of the English 12pm, I think. Instead of am and pm there’s just the total 24h. Walking around different municipalities here (like counties in the US ? ), I find that ppl in different places take the mask wearing differently. Here, where I live I used to se almost everyone with masks, though now with vaccines this has lessened, while in the nearby big city, ppl took it much more as a recomendation, while here as an order. Also, many, especially older ppl here, don’t care or don’t know how to properly use a mask, constantly touching it, then touching their eyes etc. thus defeating the masks purpose. I commute a few days a week and it’s turist season, many of the tourists do the same, both domestic and foreign. It makes me very anxious sitting in a packed buss with ppl misshandling their masks and coughing etc. Though still I’ve dodged the banned virus. This could be my low point of the day many times over alone.

Yeah, those you discribed are playing with their lives, with the risks that comes with it. However, it still sucks.:confused:


Well, what happened to summer? After 5 days of sunshine back to rainy days and temperature drops. I’m getting fed up, my veggies don’t like it so I had to liquidate it, I still have some lemon tomatoes for weeks just green…

And my strained left hand wrist and thumb aren’t doing any better, cos I still have work to do at home. I found a better hand/thumb splint (I have a whole arsenal for both hands and ankles), so I’m using this one now, and typing more with right hand…

I saw some footage about Chinese regions and city under water… in the subway trains people were up to belly in water… I’d be concerned about the electricity… apparently the Chinese police doesn’t like foreign journalists reporting this dire outlook…

It’s a global weather madness… it’s not only the pollution and depletion or CO2 it is also just nature’s cycle… it’s everything together and we won’t be able to stop that with any CO2 tax or electro cars… be all safe!! :four_leaf_clover: :pray:


Whenever I’m feeling down, my mother will go into baking mode to remind me why the Good Lord has put us on this green Earth: To enjoy pumpkin pie. :pie:

Truly I tell you, there is nothing sweeter nor tastier. :jack_o_lantern:

PS: And Yes, my mum is a culinary artist. :smile_cat:


Aww that sucks :sob:. I hope your tomatoes turn out okay.
I also sprained my wrist :expressionless:


That’s painful, you have a splint?? I use Kytta cream /ointment it’s made with comfrey root that good for sprains (it reduces inflammation and swelling). I’m not sure where you are located, Walmart sells Bianca Rosa Comfrey root ointment. Use comfrey only topical not internal. I used to grow comfrey, I once sprained the same spot and put crushed leaves on it and bandaged it, later I made oil with the root. I think you could also find the comfrey root oil or as gel in health food stores look for a quality one that contains lots of comfrey and not 95 oil only. If you don’t find it then something with Arnica montana.

Usually massage and heat expedites healing so try a few times during the day and rest it also. I bought all my splints/braces at walmart and rite aid, but Amazon carries some too.


Are always in my medicine cabinet, good choices.