The low point of your day


Yes sweet treats like this or even chocolate can work wonders :wink:
But does your picture show a pumpkin pie, cos I know pumpkin pie looking just like this:

If it is, care to share the recipe :wink:


Your mommy is a culinary artist and this is the first time I see a pumpkin pie looking so delicious! If she invented this recipe she should start selling it, and making a business bc I can assure you, I would buy plenty of it lol


It just arrived in the mail :clap:

Never heard of it before. Ah, they don’t really sell that brand here, but there do seem to be some creams with it available :blush:. I can’t really use those though, since I have allergies to some ingredients. Just using an ice pack for now :sweat_smile:


That would be the American variant. Here in Europe, it can take on various shapes of deliciousness, including:

But the one my mum made is the super fluffy double-layerd pumpkin pie.


Thanks Adrian, it looks to me like a apple strudel the way it’s folded, so I googled pumpkin strudel and some pics look just like yours… this is a great idea for fall or Halloween feast; I would have never thought to use a pumpkin like this!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: :yum:I love pumpkin!


Now I sets off for work and discovers…
I be ripe for the island :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::laughing::joy:


Heute will ich Pizza machen :yum:
Schnell los einkaufen :neutral_face: Mist nur noch der einfache Teig da, nicht mein xl Teig, die Pizza soll ja für 2 Tage reichen :point_up: nehme ich halt einen dritten Teig und bastel an :laughing:
Zu Hause, oh nein :flushed: das ist runder Teig und nur 26 cm Durchmesser :cold_sweat: wie soll ich das denn nur basteln, irgendwie fluchend darüber das ich wohl nicht lesen kann, ich dussel schwirrt Emma um meine Füße, zwischen dem Pizza belegen der Katze noch fressen gegeben, weiter mit belegen :laughing: Katze kommt wieder… Würgt und kotzt mir halbwegs vor die Füße :nauseated_face: :frowning:
Ist irgendwie nicht mein Tag heute :grimacing:
Aber gleich esse ich Pizza :partying_face::partying_face:

Today I want to make pizza :yum:
Quick shopping :neutral_face: Shit, only the plain dough left, not my xl dough, the pizza is supposed to last for 2 days :point_up: I’ll just take a third dough and tinker around :laughing:
At home, oh no :flushed: it’s round dough and only 26 cm in diameter :cold_sweat: how am I supposed to make this, kind of cursing about me, i probably can’t read, I’m a goofball, Emma buzzes around my feet, in between making the pizza I give the cat something to eat, continue with the topping :laughing: Cat comes back… Chokes and vomits halfway to my feet :nauseated_face: :frowning:
Somehow not my day today :grimacing:
But I’m about to eat pizza :partying_face::partying_face:

Hand burnt on baking tray :worried: :joy:



Gosh girl, you can say that again.You would think today was Friday the 13th. I’m sorry I laughed. I hope the rest of the day goes marvelous. Enjoy your pizza! Eat it in blessed good health.

For burn use toothpaste works for me.



It’s good when you laugh,
I felt like laughing afterwards too
All because I wanted to eat pizza today and because everything had to go quickly :laughing:
It was my own fault :sweat_smile:


Oje, sounds like a bad hair day, nothing will be good, and I bought once 2 different doughs and found too thin… I wish they would sell just the yeast dough round in bag like the did in US, you can stretch it out on the size you want or make calzones…

Hope tomorrow will be better day for you! Fighting!


Fighting :muscle:
Freshly cleaned for the next day-to-day life :joy::joy:


Hearing that after 20 years of Allied control, Afghanistan has been retaken by the Taliban in just 2 months. And the worst part is that no one is alarmed by this. These are savages. They hate women. They believe girls should not be in school, should not be treated as human beings, only as slaves. And it won’t stop with just one country. They will resume their terrorist activities and plunge the whole world into darkness once more… :sob:


Cut fruit :frowning:
How is that possible, melon and pineapple, I can still do it really well …
But mango and avocado :roll_eyes: how on earth do they do that in videos?
I only have outbursts of fear when I think about it and in the video everything is sooooo simple
And for me, everything totally squashes and looks like you’ve eaten before when I’ve finished cutting … :frowning: That’s lousy


But not by God. He won’t destroy His beautiful planet. We humans, however, have to do a whole lot better in order to preserve it…


Lol, I’ll probably get a bunch of s**t again if I jump into this interesting discourse x). Damn rules…


It’s a free will thing.

Earth is a beautiful planet though humans are free to behave as monsters and destroy everything.

Luckily the human existence is mortal so no one has to bear this planet’s situation forever.


To have the feeling that time is whizzing past you again like a time lapse, just because the vacation is coming to an end :upside_down_face:

How quickly it is all over,
Nature sets out to go to sleep :heart_eyes:


My modem died, so I don’t have internet for now (on my phone now). It won’t get fixed till tomorrow or maybe Friday.

Oh well…


Your not like me, I have like 3 spare ones :smiley:


The low point of my day was the realization that I’m getting senile…maybe?

So I had to do some errands, and I turn on the car and it won’t move.

so I was ‘‘the car got f*****’’ thinking that IT IS already reaching the 100, 000 miles…:sob:.

So as I was about to start crying for my faithful baby; I look down and see the car in neutral :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

WTH??? Driving for half of my life and this happened? I guess I better get some prevagent some ppl. swear it works.