The new beta design of Viki's homepage

I had that bug too, some weeks ago.

I think it was gone after using a PC tool for removing old cache/cookies/temporary memory space.

Hi, of course I can tell. I’ve Windows 10 Version 1803 and I use Google Chrome Version 75.0.3770.100.

I’ve seen that there is a new win10 Version out, I must see if I an install it, I wonder why I have not the newest version. But I don’t know if this would fix it. And I use some programs for cache and system so I must look into it, if it didn’t worked…

Well I use WinOptimizer 16 and it still work, it deletes temporary files, like cookies and all this stuff from the ethernet. So I can’t say that’s the problem.

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As I bet it didn’t change this bug. I used winOp.16 and I’ve delete this stuff also manual. Now I’m installing Win10 1903, hope this change it, but wouldn’t bet.

Did you try a different browser too?

Since the VIKI Beta version launch I suffer from several bugs as well… they come and go.

Earlier today I suddenly couldn’t activate the subs anymore/change its language. Relogging and page refreshing helped, but I had to do it every time again.

Yesterday login wasn’t possible anymore bc the page disconnected me right after logging in.
The day before I had to logout and login again after every episode bc otherwise there weren’t any subs at all…

So yeah, I think VIKI is quite bugged recently, no matter which PC system you’re using (I have the latest Win 10 version with lates Firefox).

It’s wonderful! It uses the same interface as the mobile app, which I’ve always adored. Also, absolutely nothing is missing. Simply click on the profile icon to access your messages and watchlist and so on.


I supposed that. All the annoying new layouts (not just for VIKI) used to be mobile layouts that are just bad for desktop users. :sob:


I agree ! Nothing wonderful with a layout for mobiles when you’re on a laptop or vice versa.

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I don’t have messages in my profile icon but when I hit the ‘‘envelope’’ it takes me straight to my messages. I don’t understand why we have different designs on the homepage. maybe they are testing which one we like the most? Or is it that people in Europe and US, get a different design? Go figure.

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Did you click on that ‘use BETA now’ button? (on top of the page below the language banner)

If not you have the old design.

I can’t find it. And yes, I still have my old page design.

Well, looking at the bigger picture, mobile devices with their respective operating systems and applications have become incredibly popular, so it’s only natural to emulate what actually sells. I do, however, understand that some prefer the desktop way of things. Hopefully, Viki will continue to run this new version in parallel with the old one. Make sure to send your feedback by clicking “Like the new Viki design?” in the lower left corner.


Don’t worry about it. It’s still in beta. Things will change.

Also, make sure to send your feedback by clicking “Like the new Viki design?” in the lower left corner.


i dont like the mobile version, also i am not a fan of the new stil

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Yes, you are right.That’s also the reason for other pages’ to change their layout but it is really annoying to use, e.g. certain official forums for games after that rework. Now you can’t really enjoy reading there anymore because the way the posts are stacked (difficult to explain what I mean). I don’t know how many players of this game would use the forums mostly via mobile since the games are PC only…

It shouldn’t be that hard to offer a more desktop friendly version as well (in general) since e.g. news(paper) pages are also able to create designs that are readable on desktop without becoming despaired.

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I already did. Thanks.


Thank you for the information @yve! I have escalated this to our engineering team and they are investigating what might be causing it. I’ll open a ticket separately to update you on the progress and check back with you if it continues to happen later.

Thanks again.


Many websites (including Facebook and YouTube) have a different style for mobiles and a different one for PC. What is good for one is not necessarily good for the other. Mobiles have space restriction and everything has to be vertical. A PC screen has totally different needs.
It makes sense to keep it separate.

Remember what happened when Microsoft launched Windows 8, which was inspired by mobiles? A resounding flop.


Speaking of Windows, the recent version offers two separate modes: One for desktop use and one for mobile use (if your device supports a touchscreen, of course).
Viki could do the same. Actually, they sort of are. I’m in the minority, but I quite like the new look, so I immediately switched to it. The others can simply stick with the old look. No one is forcing them to give it up, after all. :smiley_cat:

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It’s a beta version and they ask for our thoughts, which is mean they want to hear what we like and what we don’t like about the new look.
On the first day, the Watch History was on the 4th or 5th raw, but now it’s on the 1st.
You just need to explain what you like and dislike, so they can fix it.


Then I wanna keep my messages icon on top plus the watch later list icon too :dizzy: