The new beta design of Viki's homepage

I really do like the new design as a typical user abd i think if all current features and pages are myigrated over i think it will be great over time

Are you sure both are going to remain? I’m not. I think they are offering the beta as a test of what they are planning, and in the future they will switch to it completely.


Well, I personally think that in a world of Netflix and KOCOWA, Viki remains relevant thanks to its amazing Community. It would be a mistake then to go against its will, by making unpopular changes. Of course, change is inevitable, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad experience. For instance, the new look could keep certain features from the old one, like a hybrid of sort. Just send in you opinions and suggestions. Everyone should.


Past experience shows they don’t give a #%Y@ about the amazing Community, when it’s about the tools, the website, being user friendly etc. How many times have we asked for a better inbox, for a better Volunteer finder, for a better Project Finder? (Very easy things to implement) How many times have we asked things regarding the fake reviews and the subwhining comments?
Have we had anything? NOPE.
They said they will warn us of expiring licenses. Has it happened? NOPE.
They have taken away from us the right to see all shows without geoblocking, and my petition about it has passed the 2000 upvotes mark. Will they do anything about it? Very doubtful (not losing hope yet, but their silence is very resounding).


To quote the great American president Thomas Jefferson: “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Viki doesn’t care because there is always a steady batch of volunteers willing to do the work for peanuts. Umm… This could be like a social online experiment, but what if everyone stopped editing and subtitling for a week or two? What would happen?


Your comment sounds so negative as if volunteering at VIKI is like modern slavery work. Everyone is free to join or to quit the work as a volunteer. That monthly 5 $ pass fee isn’t worth spending hours for segging, subbing and editing.

Being a volunteer - no matter if here or elsewhere - is a question of passion, joy and personal interest.

It would be much easier to pay these 5 $ or just watch everything for free since many shows don’t need the pass at all (it’s mostly for early access but if one has to wait for subs the person wouldn’t need a pass and can later watch more subbed episodes in a row or even the whole drama without waiting breaks for subbed episodes).

If there won’t be any new episodes for a week the non volunteering viewers may start a **storm or go to pirate pages.

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Please don’t misunderstand. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the hard-working women and men who take the time to edit and offer subtitles to all these Asian dramas. It pains me then to learn that Rakuten Viki doesn’t actually care about the people on whose backs this site stands. Also, there’s nothing free on the site, you’ll discover, since Rakuten Viki uses ads and other such means to generate revenue, in addition to the various Passes. Use some of that money to pay the people who actually work for you, I say, but that’s just my strictly personal opinion.
Ultimately, unless Rakuten Viki donates its profits to charity, then I’ll never be in favour of this system.
This is just how I feel. You don’t have to agree.

If it’s for a good cause, Yes, of course. :smiley_cat:


I think the German term for volunteer I had in mind (honorary) implies a good cause :smile_cat:

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When I first started back in 2013 I felt it was a honor to become a volunteer here at viki. No matter how many hardships came along the way, I took at it, with a huge smile. But reality finally brought me back to ‘‘EARTH’’ from that ‘‘CLOUD’’ I was in, and I stopped pushing myself for this site. ‘‘DANDO y DANDO’’ it’s only fair.

Right now, most of the dramas I want/care to see here, are ‘‘restricted.’’ So, I don’t CARE, to do any volunteer work here because there is so much ‘‘you can bend down.’’ Part of me is glad with this restriction because is keeping these controlling teams away from all the dramas they will ‘‘hog’’ if they had any access to them. I’m guessing Rviki have their back up team bc I see the dramas segmented and with subtitles in a decent amount of time.

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I agree. The truth of the matter is that Viki’s volunteers represent a tiny fragment of its total audience. I would say less than 0.01%. And to Viki the audience, where the money comes from, comes first. It’s not really a surprise.


omg this is a nightmare :triumph: :fearful:

I see they have moved the Watch History first and that’s good. But Collection is no where to be found. They really need to add that.

The images and text is way too large for a laptop. That image and font size fits smaller screen better but not on a big screen. And for me the thumbnail row seems too wide for my screen and cuts off without a way to click to step one thumbnail next. Only to click into the category.

I still think it’s weird the top menu is still there but have removed Message icon and thus you don’t see if you have messages unless you click into your profile - which I never do.



You need to scroll all the way down, the last two are Viki’s collections and Fan’s collections.

Thank you but I did scroll all the way down and it’s not there for me. Only viki and fans collections but not my own.

This is something VIKI should consider for new layout designs… easier way to find and suggest titles:

Best would be an icon on the main page that directly leads to the suggest form.


Since the launch of the new beta design, my streaming is poor. It only happens on Viki and it doesn’t matter which show I am watching. Can anyone help me trouble shoot this? For instance, I will be watching a show and it freezes. I have to skip ahead 10 seconds for it to do anything. Reloading the page doesn’t even help. Netflix and YouTube are working just fine.

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But the new design is only for the homepage, not for the video pages. Plus you can “not” choose to view Viki with the beta, then it’s all normal.
I think that it may be a coincidence, and there’s another technical issue. Why don’t you write to Help Center?

Since the beta launch there are several bugs, some are gone, some are still there.

It’s quite annoyingso I assume that there are certain issues in VIKIs “background software” that are already causing trouble, because they use 2 versions at the same time with fluid change from main page (beta) to watch page (old system).

e.g. before the beta launch I didn’t have to reload the page between every episode because otherwise I now don’t see any subs anymore when I watch something and the next episode will start automtically. So yeah, it is annoying to use VIKI at the moment.


@ sonmachinima
The same thing is happening to me the page keeps freezing and no matter what I do, it won’t work for me. I reload the page, I forward it 10 seconds to see but nothing I did worked.

I gave up watching the drama, went back a time later and the same issue started again. Restarted my laptop to see (some updates were installed earlier) nothing changed. Bugs are famous here at viki and I have no doubt one is going around right now, so I’ll just wait.

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I think your own collections are always on your profile page