The new beta design of Viki's homepage


yes just had to find it since the black was so distracting.


cool do you think the old link will last? then I could keep the old style as default.


Unfortunately the old version doesn’t show for me, only the new look show for me


Same here… both links are the new ones…
I also wondered why the design is keep changing from back to new and new to old oO’


They really need to make up their mind since this back and forth is getting to be so annoying. What are they gaining from this ‘‘new page design?’’ I don’t see the benefits from this change, and it has some many things that needs fixing, too. Besides, there are so many other very important issues here that need more attention. SMH


@tweet998 Since I followed your link I am always getting the “new edition”. But I gave up using the main page after the last changes or before that or even before, it’s not really useful for me in any way I prefer my profile.


Sadly, yes. When I tried it now it gets redirected to the new page. The link is not the same one that opens. Obviously they removed it. :sob:


I can only say it’s disastrous and NOT user friendly, what a pity Viki had to resort to such layout to look like other streaming webs.

Why is WATCH HISTORY on the 1st line… is that so important?? It just clutters the page!

Why the quarter of the page does not show other shows anymore, why like 2 blocks down, who scrolls to such loooong page down?

This is a mashup of various other webs, netflix, kocowa and who knows… those huge blocks of pics, it looks as if a College kid did design this for a project.

I say it again, why Viki has the need of change by developers who aren’t likely using the web on a daily basis?? - Change is NOT always BETTER!!

What a PITY! :sob::sob::sob:


It’s not just a thing of ugly style it is also a thing of lagging/delay because of all the unnecessary large pictures etc.

I don’t have lag/delay while using/browings at Netflix’s startpage but VIKI’s new layout is just a mess.

They should bring the old layout back for PC users.


Is this a “bashing” group? my goodness, look at all of the negativities! here is another. I just came on to Viki today. _ got a surprise for sure. black background. I won’t say anything about it till I look at it._sure is different _ I will get back to you a bit later


Well, I was about to say that at least videos don’t spontaneously play, whether you want them or not, the moment you come to the site.

(kh-hm! Netflix… kh-hm!)


Simple consequence for volunteers: stop working for free here when they don’t even care about a good desktop layout plus fix the bugs with the subtitling tool that occur way too often since the beta experiment.

Those who just watch VIKI with mobile aren’t the ones who create the subs (better start learning Asian languages now;)


When large parts of a community are done by unpaid volunteers they could at least offer a comfortable to use desktop version including also certain features that are necessary for organisation etc.


I think there should be a version of the desktop homepage just for the volunteers. Same as you can switch from night mode to light mode, there should be a third mode - volunteer mode.


what should it feature?


Better PM system.
Better overview for projects (drama channels) that are in need for certain positions.
Better tools for finding volunteers.
Better license request (e.g. a license request button at “fan” channels)

There is a volunteer tool that has a list of thousands of volunteers for certain languages but it does not show the active ones it just has a list of probably anyone who ever did something at any point in the past.

So a good tool would sort people by activity plus some additional aspects like prefered genre/language for example: romance/comedy;Korean/Japanese + native language (English, French,…)

[Viki Community Team] Community Call 9/27/2019

i like this


These features would truly be awesome. I wish they’d come true someday.


In the volunteer homepage mode I would like them to:

  1. Add direct buttons to
    a. Projects
    b. Inbox
    c. Bugs&Issues
    d. “New request” for the VikiSupport pages
    e. Disussions
    …above the slide show (where Explore, Community and More currently are).
  2. Add a frame with last 3-5 posts from the VikiStatus twitter account - to see if Subbing tools are down or something technical is happening.
  3. Add a row with last 3-5 projects you are working on - to directly access what you’re working, rather than clicking 4 times to get where you need to be!
  4. Add a row with Coming Soon dramas - so that we find future projects more easily. But not “coming next week”. That is for the viewers. More like “Coming in a month or two”. So that we have the chance to plan or schedule.
  5. And perhaps add a new feature: Viki News. Similar to Viki blog.

[Viki Community Team] Community Call 9/27/2019

I would love for them to bring back the feature they had when you watched a drama/movie it would say WATCHED on the episodes you already viewed, and would bring you to the minute you left the last episode you was watching. I don’t know why they took that out in the first place!

‘‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix’’ applies here at this site. No one was complaining, why make changes on your own w/o viewers feedback?


@angelight313_168 That feature is still working for me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
But I expect it to be gone soon since you said it did for you. :roll_eyes:


I hate this design. It’s like Netflix where I can’t find anything without sideways scrolling. Netflix isn’t popular because of their UI, it’s popular because of its extensive catalog. Stop copying the bad parts of other companies and focus on the core. Making things scroll horizontally is terrible for desktop.