The new beta design of Viki's homepage


this side is so big, it hurts in the eyes


The ugliest layout I have seen… I do NOT understand the sense!! Or nonsense!


Main page changed at least the first line is no longer the latest video I have watched.


I still have it on the first line my “Watch History”, you don’t @lutra ?


I don’t since last night I get logged out permanently and that is when the main page changed for me.
And the page will always turn back with my native language, even though I always chose English, it’s such a hassle, to many clicks last night and this morning too.
SORRY forget about it, I think I still lack some sleep because of the bot action of Viki. Anyway I might have had the impression that “watch history” was gone, since I was out/back in / out / back in … last night.
So, no change.


I also had login issues, just like many others, I tried like 5 times to log in, who knows what they are doing :thinking: :weary:


Oh goodness! I thought it was just happening to me, but I see I’m not the only one. I have to log in several times too, for at least 2 weeks now.

This site is a slap in the face to those who have for years offered their time and services for free. Shame on them if this is done on purpose talk about ‘‘bite the hand that feeds you.’’ If the bot fails for them, let’s see who will be there for them, they can count me out.


I agree with the other comments re the overlarge pictures, etc, but what I really miss is being able to see the show’s synopsis when I hover over the picture. If I am looking for a new series, I don’t want to have to click on each and every one of the dramas in order to find out what the shows are about.
Also, I tend to watch only one or two shows at a time. Do I really need to see the last five episodes of the same show running across my screen under “Watch History”?


Oh, that was too flashy for me. Too much going on. I don’t like it on NX either. Especially not when trailers start on their own. What happened to normal scrolling? :smile: Maybe the middle ground would’ve been that you do have to click on it, but the click doesn’t take you on the main page of the show. Rather, it opens an extra frame on the page where you’re already at.

Finally someone agrees with me! Maybe they could just show the last episode you watched of one drama. Or maybe it could be upgraded to:


You Asked, We Listened… really, how many of you asked for the giant pics, they waste so much data to load and time till they load… ??

Today… I can’t find TV GUIDE… I’m searching without success, but there is APPS in the dashboard… I’m really at loss to use the main page, I can only say CLUTTER…
:hushed::tired_face: :cold_sweat::scream:


They need to spend more time and money on making the site WORK…not trying to make it PRETTY! I can’t tell you how many times in the past couple weeks the site has crashed on me. And HOW MANY TIMES A DAY DO I HAVE TO KEEP RE-LOGGING IN??? Last night and today I had to go to the Firefox browser to continue watching a show, because they keep having problems with the Google site.


@simi11 Yes, I am feeling this pain too, the seemingly endless waiting for the gazillion images on the new Viki to load before I can actually do anything. Nowadays while starting-up Viki, I take that waiting time for a mini yoga stretch :woman_in_lotus_position:t2::upside_down_face:

You’ve likely found the TV guide by now, but just in case, here’s a direct link:


@sheishun_548 that’s a possibility to do streching… I instead open another tab for searching or looking up something… it’s just that there is enormous data that gets eaten because of the uploading of the web… I feel that developers should think also a bit practically not only optically… anyway the TV Guide is nowhere on Viki main page to be seen… I saved the link in my favorites, thanks for posting it again :+1::sunflower:


In all honesty, the spending of money on making things pretty and pushing out new features/content (that are/end up faulty as well) is a pattern with all companies. Whether it’s streaming video, gaming, various app services, etc. It’s irritating that businesses across the board tend to rely on the quantity of new stuff versus the push for quality on the stuff they already have out.


That’s also true of Microsoft with Windows. It’s also true of Maxis (EA Games) with The Sims. EVERY single time they have a new version of The Sims, it’s terribly buggy, and it lacks a lot of features, which will come slowly-slowly, after us users go crazy on the various internet fora complaining loudly and cursing them. Instead of taking the time to test everything properly before release. Companies value making a splash.
And of course it’s also true with new phones, with new cars, graphic cards, you name it… Just to have a new model on the market every X months, and who cares whether it’s durable and well-functioning. (Especially durable couldn’t be further from their minds).


Reading this topic and checking out screenshots shared by fellow Vikians, I became really, really, really curious as to how Viki looked like back in the day (more precisely, 2018) and damn, I really like the :sparkles:White :sparkles: background and of course, “Featured Community Teams”

And… Top volunteers this week right in Home Page is a great idea too (they downgraded their home page :neutral_face:)

Compared to current home page, I like the way they present their dramas in this one,

but… if they could add some white and show that this site runs because they’ve volunteers would be great.


I’m so glad that YT offers the switch to light, I’d swim/struggle with the black… it’s much harder on my eyes… :disappointed_relieved::cry:
At least discussions is still white and the Inbox…


Yes, they should offer a switch for people.
I prefer the dark themes over the light ones, but as you said, some people feel the opposite :blush:


I do too the darker is more comfortable for me bc the bright light just triggers my migraine headaches.