The odd things C-Dramas taught me about China!


I was watching one of the dramas and they took us to the background stunts, awesome, they showed how those folks fly, and spin around and all, really interesting to watch!!


omg i recently listen this youtuber reviews and this song it so catchy haha


Ikr? :laughing:


The way how she combines this titles I’m dying haha “And in the end The winner is Looooooove”


Well white represents pure spirit vitality… Of course it would not stain or trip them up. lol It looks cool to have the long hair flowing around during sword fights but the reality is the loose hair would get caught, sliced off and or pin them so they’d have to braid it up.

Just don’t put beads onto the ends of the skinny braids!! When you spin around, it may knock out your opponent but would most likely just knock yourself out! (My son learned that the hard way when his braided and beaded long hair whipped around and whacked himself in the head at a moshpit. ) :rofl: :joy: :crazy_face: :grin: :joy: :rofl: :scream: :rofl:


I found this on youtube, the guy said it was cheaper(??) to do that than use their real voices, sure don’t make sense to me either the guy does Chinese updates on programs and he did this one episode on this

the guys name is Marcus and I was justr reading your message.


:joy::rofl: My dad numbered us. I was number one daughter. lol


Oh! I deleted it because I found out that it wasn’t because of background noises - they dub with a different voice actor over the real actors voice - mainly because they want all the voices to be in the same regional accent.

I can understand that. China is huge like the US and they have regional accents as well as different languages there. It’s like trying to have a period movie here where the actors are all supposed to be from the same area but some speak with a southern accent while others have a New York accent while others have a New Jersey accent or a Chicago accent and others have a San Francisco accent. (Yes, there was a San Francisco accent but you don’t hear it anymore unless you talk to some of my older relatives - a big clue there was SampFrancisco.)


yes thats what the guy said also, some had or has a very strong accent because they want mandrian to be mandrian and so on, that w2as a really good watch, can you hear a New Jersey accent down here in the south??? I have and its really funnyt to hear., for sure they don’t say y’all!!!


The most HILARIOUS accent was in Tagalog class, a guy from Texas was trying to say, "anong ginagawa mo. “An _NOOOng Gee-naaa-gee-whaaa-mo.” We were all giggling and laughing outright at his accent. He was a good sport because he knew how bad his accent was.

Here’s how a machine pronounces it. - Now, put that into a Texas accent. :crazy_face: :rofl:

Well DARN! The sound bite didn’t save here. Go to Google translate filipino to english and type in anong ginagawa mo and click on the speaker.


Haha that is funny! I assume as a joke, or…?


Modern chinese dramas (but, surprisingly, ancient too) taught me, that the one-child-policy was abandoned.
The sooner, the better. Same age, age gaps in both directions - it doesn’t matter.


Oh no. That was REAL LIFE! :scream: I had learned Tagalog from my neighbors as a kid but I am not fluent so I took a class at the local community college. It was funny how many veterans were using their college tuition benefit to increase their grade point average by taking Tagalog when they were born speaking Tagalog. I used to think that was a waste of their benefits but then again, if their grade point average increased, they were eligible for other grants so it was a smart thing to do.


Just never call it Frisco. UGH! Born and raised just north of there and few things grate on my nerves as much as the word Frisco for San Francisco. I’ve been gone from there for so long that I’m not sure if I’m in the minority on that or still the majority. I understand what you are saying. Really I’m so busy going back and forth between reading the subs and watching the actors that I haven’t noticed a lot of it. I do wish they would let the actors who have good singing voices do their own singing when it is called for.


They don’t have to be perfect. At least not for me.


Absolutely correct! That makes the fury crawl up the spine. “The City” is acceptable if one can’t say San Francisco. :grin: My gramma would stare you down for taking the city’s name in vain. :rofl: You did not want to be ;dismissed’ by gramma. Oh! My gramma was born in SF in 1906 but December though. She was always terrified of earthquakes. They lived south of Market and that all sunk into the mudflats then burnt down.

Where are you from? I was born in Berkeley, Mom in Oakland, Gramma in San Francisco and Great-Gramma in Tomales. G-G-gramma was born in County Tyrone and her mom was from County Donegal.


why does the Emporer wear that hat with beads down his face, why do maids and eunuchs constantly stand with a bowing figure, why do they shuffle when they walk

I have seen some awesome dramas lately


Cuz the Emperor said so?

Worldwide - most royalty didn’t like the peasants to look at them directly because they were themselves gods or next to god. They were or had the mandate of heaven. The didn’t like their citizens to look at them directly. That was the thing with a lot of royalty back then - to set themselves up as better than everyone else, otherwise how would they get away with unjust taxation and other social problems? You wanna complain - come on over and put your head on the chopping block - :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :sunglasses: :grin:

As far as the beaded hat the Chinese emperors wore: I googled this on Stack Exchange:

Hanging from the front and back of the emperor’s hat are twelve strings of beads. They’re called “yù zǎo” in Chinese—pendants of jade beads. “Yù" or jade symbolizes upright character, while “zǎo” refers to the silk strings that are used to string the jade beads together, which reflect a clear and pure mind. The twelve pendants at the front swing with the tiniest movement, and prompt the Emperor to maintain a straight gaze and proper posture. They also serve as a reminder to the Emperor to only make decisions with upright thoughts, and perceive things through a clear and pure mind.


hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! goodness! thanks for that info!


All but one of my sibs and I were born and raised in Eureka. I left there in '76 with my mom and moved to Southern CA. Spent 9 years there and got the heck out. Moved all the way up to the Seattle area. :heart::heart::heart: Other than the Redwoods, Mt. Shasta, and the swimmable rivers, I don’t miss it. WA is home now. I live between the Olympics and Seattle and I love it here. My G Grandfather moved from eastern Canada out to Humboldt with a brother when he was young to work in the sawmills as blacksmiths. There is a postcard of him with a crosscut. Now it makes me sad to think of all those gorgeous trees that got cut down. The Redwoods are amazing. There is nothing like being in a Redwood forest on a warm, still, sunny day staring up through the canopy.