The odd things C-Dramas taught me about China!


thanks I will check that out today


The odd thing C drama taught ME/MYSELF/AND I, about China? Male/female leads don’t have a chance in hell to survive till the end. Either I’m unlucky in picking my C dramas bc the male or female lead never has a live happily ever after ending which annoys me so much! . I’m done with C- dramas. Movies are luckily changing so I’m sticking to movies (although RESET) is obviously clear the FL and ‘‘other’’ characters die at the end ugh. BUT IS WORTH WATCHING!!!.


the few I have seen were goodthe leads came out good.


I love her explanations, I wanted to share it on her too but I forgot :sweat_smile:. Good that you did :+1:
But she has very good insights since she worked on dramas as well :smile:



You and I (and everyone else), have very different taste in dramas so I believe your Male/Female Lead, had a good ending in the dramas that you watched. But 80% of the ones I’ve seen so far has not had a good ending bc one or even both M or FL dies. But like I said before, I only watch the things I like, and RARELY watch any suggested dramas from others, unless it catches my attention.


likewise, I do ,like the summaries before I watch anything


I watched a few you mentioned too. In the chinese summaries they never mention anyone is going to die that’s how they get you. Remember the drama about the twin guys? i dropped the drama halfway the first episode.


I like historical c-dramas (the clothes and hairdo’s are just so gorgeous) and what I learned is that royal princes don’t have names but numbers. Really odd. And that they are not so much for happy endings. Many of the shows I’ve seen have bittersweet or even sad endings. :no_mouth:


well, mentioning that someone is going to die would be a huge spoiler, wouldn’t it? :sweat_smile: since i hate watching sad endings,I research till i find out the ending…thankfully there’s a site(don’t remember it’s name rn) that does just that–tell us whether it’s a happy ending or not!


Well, I was planning to watch THE THIEVES, but didn’t had to bc you summarize it really well for me, and I’m glad I didn’t waste my time watching it bc the way you described the story it seems it has way too many flaws. I remember I started watching it when it came out but they took so long with the subtitles that I completely forgot to continue watching. That’s what happens with some dramas here they take so long in adding the subs that the viewers end up forgetting about it, and never finish watching the dramas. Thanks for sharing.

PS When you remember the name of the site that tells us sad ending or not PLEASE share it with me. I hate to watch dramas with tragic endings and this way I can avoid watching them.


found it!!

only for kdramas though…


thank you vivi_1485, thats what I am talking about! I like happy ending addict!! the Korean one is fine!!


I love them, its interesting, sure its historical, but some fic tion included as well, and the numbers really interesting with that as well. me I like a good ending.


I got something I am curious about, the “wolf tribe” seems like they are an evil bunch. was that name picked randomly or what? oh I am knocking the name of the tribes, just curious how the name was picked

cause the wolf here(USA) is something entirely different


lol. I know nothing about that movie but it made me think of EXO’s Wolf song. lol. I always smile cuz the lyrics are very strange and agrressively dramatic. It’s just cute to me that these straight ‘A’ students are dancing as tough guys. lol

A lot of IDOLS are serious, hard working people, not goof offs. So they always make me smile when they are dressed up like bad guys. lol

EXO - Wolf -


:joy::joy:EXO themselves can’t bear to re-watch that MV, it’s so embarrassing and cringey to them!
But yeah, their duality on-stage and off-stage makes me smile all the time!


And I loved Growl and Wolf


Eternal Love Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Now those are some pearls!


Growl was Korea’s national anthem :wink: i still love that song


It’s all about love:

This video is so true :laughing: