The odd things C-Dramas taught me about China!


My favorite place to be. :sunglasses:

But I don’t think China has redwoods? Do they grow there naturally?


why do they have those extra long sleeves in their costumes? or clothes?


Hadn’t seen many D-Dramas , but I have seen quite a few Chinese movies, what stands out is the women tend to be a bit on the catty side as the 2nd lead female is oft referred to as , “that b*tch” …


And notice how there is always something up their sleeves! :wink: What I want to know is how do they keep things from falling out??? Are there hidden pockets or what?


Actually, they do! Look up Dawn Redwoods. I found out that the Save the Redwoods League has an article about them. They were thought to be extinct but they aren’t. The Dawn Redwoods are in the Sichuan region.


Thank you! They will grow here so I will order one. :slight_smile:


This morning I’m watching Be With You and a character was talking about a book called Analects of Confucius. So, of course, I had to go look that up and then I wanted to know about which Dynasty was in power during his lifetime and now I know he lived from 551-479 BC and his name was Kong Qiu. Then I had to learn more about the Dynasties and ended up reading an article I found called The Thirteen Dynasties that Ruled China in Order. I ended up crying over the live burial of the 460 Confucian scholars. That was during the Qin Dynasty. That Emporer ordered a massive book burning as well. Sometimes history is just so ugly. I’m determined to get a copy of Analects of Confucius now.


My sifu handed me the book of dizi gui, and I was like: Sifu, I dont need an education how to be a proper human being. I really took myself the time and read that book. Its actually a Wonderfull book that simply contains the ethics how we treat our, parents, siblings, neighbour, even oneself and the material things respectfully. It made me realise why the west is the way it is. I was really embarrassed after wards that I said that to my sifu.

History is both cruel and wonderful it made us humans who we are today.


It’s a sign of wealth. They don’t need to use their hands since their servants hand them everything.

Yes, they do have pockets. The chinese breed of tiny Pekingese were kept in their sleeves and keept their hands warm. Among other things they had there. :slight_smile:


Fahrenheit 451


:joy:"Let’s see, green poison, blue poison, dog, last year’s pizza…oh there it is, my favourite knife!"


I’m keeping notes on how many bite scenes I’ve seen in which dramas. Usually, it is a woman biting her boyfriend or husband because he has done something to aggravate her but once it was the male lead biting a strange woman who had grabbed hold of him and wouldn’t let him go. So far I’ve got 9 dramas listed. I’m sure it doesn’t cover all that I’ve seen, in all the dramas I’ve watched, but it is definitely a recurring theme. It might be a good thing if the book No Fighting No Biting by Else Holmelund Minarik was translated into Chinese and Korean and distributed widely in schools. I was so shocked the first couple of times I saw a perfectly normal woman bite her boyfriend hard enough to leave a mark and he didn’t dump her but asked what was bothering her. lol


I know, I was totally shocked that it’s such a normal thing over there :scream: Haven’t seen any Koreans do that though :thinking:


Hyde, Jekyll, Me That was the one where the guy bites a stranger.


Say basketball and they immediately scream , “Le Bron !” :slight_smile: Damn he is popular there


uh… We were taught to NOT bite people when we were little kids. :grin:


Do you have to be taught to know not to bite someone else? My brother stopped defense-biting me once he finished his toddler years and my parents never even knew he used to do that!


biting? how weird, we usually tgurned around and biot the person who bit…

question, anyone know why people bow 3 times at a grave site or person? significence of bowing 3 times


Chinese drama producers/directors like to be ahead of everyone and believe in the saying “Prevention is better than cure”. Before anyone else can spoil a drama, they do all the hard work and spoil the whole show themselves in the theme song. #alwayswinners :rage:


I love this thread :yarn::thread: so fun! :laughing::smile: