The odd things C-Dramas taught me about China!


If there’s a ‘suai ge (handsome guy)’ in your class, it’s totally normal to take a picture of him without even asking. Also totally normal to go to a different class in other to see this handsome guy, smh :rofl:.


I stopped watching Love O2O because of that :joy: They literally follow him everywhere clicking pictures! He walks into the room, students swarm around him and take pictures. He walks on the road, girls try to gift him things.


Hahaha that was exactly the drama I had in mind too. I’ve seen it in other dramas too, but in Love O2O it’s extreme :rofl:


Yeah, but it is Yang Yang… He is just so cute!!! Even with the FL’s recent troubles I still go back and rewatch now and then. I get your point though. When I was in Jr. High I had a friend who was boy crazy and would change directions surreptitiously to follow her idol. There was a big grass circle in the middle of the school and we all would walk around and around it for exercise on breaks. About half the people went one direction and the others went the opposite direction, pretty soon you would see everyone walking toward you. So, if you saw your main object too far ahead of you, you could just do an about-face with your mates and guess who is walking toward you?


loved seattle, and surrounding areas been 62 years since I & family was there.


In the past China, the Chinese were damn good doctors who 1. already knew where the pulse is and just by taking the pulse knew what the patient was sick or that it is a poisoning and also what poison it is :grin:

Well, there were not too many ways of death :pray:
Poison or Sword… Or tumble down rocks… :persevere:


It always boggles my mind how easily MLs carry their ladies :scream: are they really that light? or like @ninjas_with_onions said, so they use wires?


Well the FLs are always thin, and the ML always has a body that primarily exists in Photoshop … :slight_smile:


I have. Jekyl, Hyde, and me one of the most disturbing biting scenes.


Yang Yang. He is old enough to be my son, or I’m old enough to have a son nearly his age…but he is just to much fun to watch. He could probably read a dictionary and I would find it interesting. Especially since I’m trying to learn Mandarin Chinese. I do like Wallace Chung a lot and he is much closer to my own age.


I am growing my hair out longer than I ever have before in my life. My mother always had short hair, and I did too, sometimes, until I got mistaken for a boy when I was in elementary school. I didn’t learn that trick about starting from the bottom until I asked some random person about what they did. Imagine my surprise about this life-changing information. My mom didn’t know any better but used to torture me by starting at the top always. My scalp hurts thinking about it. At least I found out before ever torturing my own girls and I’ve done my duty to pass on the information. :slight_smile:


I am astounded at the amount of underwater CPR scenes in historical dramas! Does that even work? I searched the web and all I got was

nothing about kissing them while upright as you slowly twirl around in the water


okay mouth-to-mouth CPR is one thing, WHAT IS WITH THE MOUTH-TO-MOUTH MEDICINE??!! like one person sips up the medicine and gives it to the other by mouth :scream::scream: what is up with thattttt??? who DOES that?


Obviously! It’s directors and producers who are trying to find different ways for skinship! lol


So it’s not a historically accurate thing?


Well not exactly. The ancient doctors did understand the circulatory system, breathing, the heart as a pump, etc. Whether or not they performed a modern style CPR, we’d have to wait for a historian to tell us. As far as the mouth to mouth medicine transfer goes, I think that’s skinship. lol But then again, the shows are notorious for giving unconscious people liquids by mouth. And unconscious person would choke. lol So take movie stuff with a grain of salt. :laughing:


I’m still keeping my list of Dramas where biting happens but I’m thinking I might make another for ones where the female leads stab their boyfriend, husband, future husband…three of them come to mind immediately. Why??? I think I would prefer it if they just went back to biting. Now I’m nervous when the FL is using a sharp object when angry and the ML gets anywhere close. READ THE ROOM buddy!!! At least have the good sense to get her to put down the weapon, calm down and have a discussion. I’ll have to keep an eye out for those. Maybe someone has done it.


This is too funny. “Nothing about whirling about…” LOL :heart:


What on earth?! That’s even worse than biting! :scream: I’ve never seen any FLs stabbing MLs…
goodness what does she do after she stabs him? bring the first aid kit, slowly take his shirt off and blow on the wound while applying antiseptic, all with soft background OST? It’d probably spoil the mood.


Actually, it happened in two of my favorite dramas. Ashes of Love and The Sword and the Brocade. I thought you had seen Ashes of Love. There are now 4 that I know of when I include Ashes of Love.