The odd things C-Dramas taught me about China!


I haven’t watched either of those dramas. I think because Ashes of Love has a sad ending?


OMG! No, remember, I’m the one who only wants to watch happy ending dramas. Ashes of Love is a classic and Deng Lun! I mean how can you not? It is one of my absolute favorites. Leo Luo is pretty cute too. It may be a bit long, and there may be some pretty scary parts that I had to skip over or do other stuff while watching but it was all well worth it.


Really? Wow, I must have gotten mixed up with drama names then. :scream: Can’t believe I almost missed it like that! It has a terrible number of episodes, I might take it as a loooong term watch. But if you say it’s worth it, I guess… I’ll do it! Wish me luck, it’s pretty hard to stay alive for so long LOL :joy:
I’ll also remember that you’re a happy ending fan like me :sweat_smile:


Actually, what I feel is when I see C-dramas they feel so much silent, because the language is such that it feels the voice is a makeover or a pre-recorded. In other hand K-dramas, the feel of the words spoken out by the actors gives us so much feel and we feel that we might actually relate with it…:roll_eyes:

In k-dramas actually Korean language is easier to learn and understand as compared to Chinese or Mandarin Language. There are many common and easy words in Korean Language like ‘Chingu, Namjachingu, Oppa, Unnie, Chincha,’ etc…

What do you think ?? :thinking:


I like this. Different from the usual collections of dramas I like, best kissing, happy ending etc. The psychopathic female collection! Look forward to seeing it. :laughing:


C-Dramas does voice overs as their norm.

These would fit right in here :wink::+1:t5:


I wasn’t sure where to put it as I only watch C & K dramas, so I started a new topic and C & K Dramas is at the beginning of the title. Let me know if you can find it. I just posted it.


It’s easier but not very hard… I can already distinguish “Jie-jie”, “Mei-mei”, “di-di”, “ge-ge”, “shifu” and stuff after watching a few dramas. And how could I forget — “FUREN”! :heart_eyes::joy:

Weirdly, I also hardly notice when a drama is dubbed :sweat_smile: Everyone will be complaining about the dubbing in the TCs and I’ll be sitting there wondering why it even matters because the dubs are usually pretty appropriate. This is just my opinion :smile:


I agree. I don’t really notice them and I’m busy learning the language from just watching the dramas. I love watching before the subtitles and then after they are added to see how close I am to getting what is really going on. I’m pretty close usually.


I do that more with Korean Variety shows :sweat_smile: because they’re usually talking in everyday conversational language…


Thats very trure lol


Really? Ashes of love, she bites him? Hmm. I don’t remember that, but I haven’t seen that for a couple of years now.

:rofl: Woo! Try segging a talk show where they constantly talk over each other! It’s almost impossible to follow the segging rules about the number of people in a segment.


No, but biting would have been preferable. This is in a different category on my list. It was a huge scene, can’t miss it. Think about it. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.


Yeah, don’t spoil it for this crazy little girl who is completely mesmerized by Phoenix and the whole drama that I keeeep wanting to talk about it everywhere I go :sweat_smile:

To add to the odd things: GOODNESS cdrama characters LOOOOVE spitting blood. Catch a cold— spit blood. Feel tired— spit blood. Any little problem— SPIT BLOOD. :joy::joy: My poor Phoenix has been spitting blood left and right :sob:


He is just so awesome in this drama. How far along are you? I felt the same way. I’m the only one I know in my circle of friends and family who is hooked on C-dramas. Right now I’m killing time until the next episodes of Falling Into Your Smile get uploaded. A 4 day wait time is just too much to ask sometimes. Right now I’m rewatching My Mr. Mermaid.


The dubs are offensive when you already know the actor, or actress’s own voice, :wink: and prefer it to someone masquerading as them! IMO.


I’m on Episode 29 :see_no_evil: I really don’t understand how anyone can have SLS when Phoenix is around :sob::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love how they make sure the audience know FL shows all signs of loving him without knowing it herself. But there’s so much ANGSTTT :sob: It’s a very good writers’ trick… make the starting episodes lighthearted and funny so that you invest all your love into the characters and then…


Yeah, there was a lot of stuff there that I had to skip over a little and/or watch between my fingers.


A serious one this time. A trip won’t cost you what you think you’ll pay / what you paid to the travel company.

I saw this happen in a couple of Cdramas that I watched. I can’t remember which, but in one of the dramas the mothers of the FL and ML both ended up going on a trip where eventually they were “forced” to buy souvenirs. One of the moms spoke up about it.

It’s sad that this is a real and a very frequent thing that happens. In real life people can get very hurt or pass away :cry: