The odd things C-Dramas taught me about China!


oh my goodness! awesome history lesson, thanks faywartune_545, just watched the youtube, I am a history buff, so that was awesome! they had to have strength to hold those styles up esp with the jewerly. but still they were beautiful.


I am not sure if this applies to Mainland China dramas or just Taiwanese dramas, but I’ve noticed that every time there’s a dance scene, the main couple attracts a blue spotlight and they are the only ones left dancing on the dance floor.


I to love history I found this video, that may answer some questions to their apparel:

At least they didn’t had to wear corsets, imagine you couldn’t breathe all day.

Oh there’s an armored one to:

History around the world

I really wonder about the armor if its really authentically remade,

Songs reign time was around at 960 and lasted until 1279 but also was divided into Bei (Northern) and Nan (Southern). There may have been differences in their armoury, sadly they didn’t elaborate more on it on a historical note as example: of which material it was made of etc.


again more history lessons! wow


I got more but i’m afraid we would have to open a Chinese history section else it seems a bit spam doesn’t it? Also the armor video was correct, although it isn’t a 100 percent replica but its a really good one.


lol. Yes. Some people really can grow their hair that long. What took those guys so log was shaving the head that takes time… Those guys didn’t like that haircut but it was mandated by the Manchu rulers. it was cut your hair or lose your head… I liked the long uncut hairstyles of earlier dynasties.

my hair was down to my calves. lol a dermatologist once told me I was mutant… lol. It only takes a couple of minutes to braid and maybe 15 minutes to get the knots out. The problem is drying all that hair if it is humid… takes Forever!


Long hair on men is so beautiful, here men do not dare to let it grow, those that do mostly end up as a bully or being called out as gay which, I find dumb.


Yes! :slight_smile:
Here some have long hair in their youth but the vast majority of them cuts it later in life.
Though you do occasionally come across a man with long gray hair …


For some reason, if the man is bald on the front and top of his head and then the rest is long, it looks a bit ridiculous, as if overcompensating for the hair he lost.
If it’s all there, then it’s fine!


I was referring to those who still have all/most of their hair, but, yes, I know what you mean. Some even comb the hair that they do have over the bald parts, hahaha! :joy:


poor guys, they don’t want to lose their hair while guys with perfectly great hair shave their heads bald. go figure. oh! I really dislike that stupid shaved head and full, long beard look… Actually, I just don’t like beards, especially on shaved heads… It’s kind of a dumb look… It’s like if you don’t like to keep care of your hair on your head why grow that mess on your face? To me it’s a weird type of laziness… (And they look like a bunch of Yahoos to me) :crazy_face::grin:


Because shaving every day is sooooooooooooooo much work! :roll_eyes::rofl:


In my experience, they shave their head when they see they have some baldness. If you look more closely, you’ll see that the front (or top) don’t have little black dots of hair roots.


Some shave their head to raise money for some good cause … Never really understood that. I’d rather pay for someone keeping their hair, lol.


I know of some girls who have cut their hair short (not shaved!) to donate it to an organization that makes wigs for cancer patients who don’t have money to buy one. Is that what you mean?


At least if they donate it it’s really for a good cause.
I was referring to people who let others pay for the “enjoyment” of seeing that person shave their head and then give the money to a good cause.


some people just shave their heads just to shave it, no muss no fuss


It’s cheaper than going to a hair salon.


I thought it was good, yes a pete & repete, type drama, had to watch closely, and yes in some parts boring. then he finally got his memory back, I liked the sleuth of ming dynasty better, and when you watch those two together, I did get confused.

now wouldn’t it be good if one of you started the history thing for Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and the other countries, Spain in its older days had beautiful clothing, Sweden, Netherlands,even India. I know I left a bunch out, but hey why not in what we all are going through,