The odd things C-Dramas taught me about China!


now that was a hairy discussion. But a well groomed beard makes men face look more manly and fabulous!! but a bush in the face is a no no…


I agree to that, they do look quite manly if well groomed.


Maybe im weird but I got a weak spot for men with long hair and well groomed beard xD


you aren’t weird, about as bad as someone going crazy with men with hairy chests!


oof hairy chest no. help me with what should I call that history discussion. I dunno what to write


You don’t see those often in C-dramas as far as I know … :thinking::wink:


ok I put up a history Chanel, I dunno how to moderate such a thingy but I hope it does suffice


thats right! I haven’t seen any either.! that really was kinda of a joke too. I’d rather see them with long hair, hair in the eyes and all


:smirk: Like what… 18 days later she FINALLY reads that stupid Title box and said to herself, 'Oh. :bulb:! That’s what they meant…" and corrected it… :crazy_face: :rofl:


The emperor sending his army to outside your front door should have been the first clue. :joy:
The ancestors has left the building.


yes the ancestors have left the building!


you got my vote kiddo! already responded there. so you go , and well worth ity too, holler if you need help, will be glad to, you aren’t alone in this one!


Kiddo?! im not that young anymore but ill take it :stuck_out_tongue:


:relaxed::heart_eyes: well didn’t know how to address that, so safe than sorry


aaaghh! :nauseated_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I didn’t even know such a thing existed until I was a teenager at a beach and saw a guy with furry BACK too! I was so GROSSED OUT! :nauseated_face: :dizzy_face: Up until then no man I ever saw was hairy. If there were hairy guys in my neighborhood, they kept their shirts on so I never knew. The guys in my family are not hairy and neither were the neighbors. so yea Totally grossed out!


I bet they all shaved before they saw you. :rofl:


Wait… Did you ladies just say that men with hairy chests are bad and gross? I mean, isn’t it the obvious natural thing for a man to have a hairy chest? Just a little, a little more, somehow much - how much is too much, where do you draw the line?
I see Korean stars without any hair, but I thought that for some reason they shaved or waxed it, and probably Asians have less body hair anyway. But it must also be a cultural or fashion thing with them. I remember in a drama (The Undatables) there was a scene with a man in a sleeveless garment (it was summer) and of course he had hair on his armpits. Everyone was going “Oh, aaah! Ewwww!” - both in the drama AND in the timed comments. Treating him as if he were some caveman or something. I was so shocked to see these reactions, and deeply offended too. I mean, if they came to my country, they would find the men gross for… being men?
We have to accept male Asian actors with pink flower wreaths on their head, makeup, deep-coloured fuchksia lipstick, long earrings and female mannerisms who French kiss each other on stage, and say “it’s a cultural thing”, and it’s not politically correct to say that they look gay and we find it gross and off-putting. But they cannot accept and mock the rest of the world, and we should sit there doing nothing?

By the way, I found a video of that scene.


I am surprised at how many well brought up people speak with their mouths full of food. I have no idea what my mom would have done to me if I ate like Weiwei did in Love O2O. I was shocked and wondering if it was a deal breaker. Luckily Nai was just entertained and not horrified. Something else that I’ve really noticed is how significant it is when people give others food with their own chopsticks.


well I am surprised is all I can say, my male families have hair, backs, fronts, arms, legs, and all in between. and yes they have fussed about all that hair, but they just live with it. and as for shaving, not a good thing

and that is from our ancestors, Germanic, at least that is what I was always told, could be Irish, scots, etc.

oh and by the way, I didn’t say anything about them grossing me out! I read somewhere, that it was to show more manliness(??) sexiness(?) hehehehe, not sure about that.


That wasn’t you.