The odd things C-Dramas taught me about China!


porkypine did


My ancestors were from Europe and the UK and the guys of my family are definitely on the hairy side. It never bothered their spouses and seeing my dad and brothers in swim trunks never grossed me out. One of my dad’s favorite sayings was, “Eat your vegetables they will put hair on your chest!” My sisters and I did not think that was a selling point. :wink: All of that external stuff isn’t anywhere near as important as the internal stuff.


I would never attempt such an act. I have trouble feeding myself with chopsticks much less anyone else especially when the food is all slippery with sauce, comedy would ensue.
I know of the Chinese etiquette of not sticking chopsticks into a bowl of rice because of the association with the incense sticks burnt at funerals and rice being offered as food for the afterlife journey of the deceased.
I only recently found out that in Japan you should never pass food from chopstick to chopstick because after Japanese cremations the remaining bones and ash is picked up by the family to put in the urn with special long chopsticks, often passing the bones from chopstick to chopstick.
Gives me the shivers when I think about the amount of times I’ve done something like that.
So much death around the dinner table! I’m going back to using a knife and fork.


That’s true, it’s one of many tiny variations in genetics. Even the average hair cross section varies between Asian (round) Caucasians (a slightly squashed round) and African (elliptical)


Thanks for that very important heads up. Yikes! I definitely won’t be doing that. I mastered using chopsticks but I’ve been informed I hold them wrong so now I’ve got to start over. More importantly I want to start learning how to cook more foods that I see in the dramas. We eat a lot of rice and my daughter makes a lot of stir-fries, but those dumplings look amazing.


Sitting on the back of someone’s bike is a thing. :open_mouth: The first time I saw it I was so shocked that no one was wearing a helmet and girls in dresses were hoping on the back of bicycles. It seems much safer to take the bus or walk. It seems to be a step in young love relationships.


That’s actually pretty normal in The Netherlands as well. :wink:


We have helmet laws here. People who are riding bicycles are few and far between, even motorcycles are not common.


need to make a [contemporary] soon-to-be-but-still-not-yet couple go from “I don’t like you” to someone who goes “wait… this person is cute”? Just make one of them get a fever from nowhere (producer’s favorites are emotional reasons and working too much). They bond over a little bit of soup and the next day they look at each other in a whole different lens


Going sock-less or at least looking like you don’t have any socks on is a thing. I did not know this. I’m talking about men who are wearing closed nice shoes and no socks.


Also bamboo goes up in flames pretty quickly. A house fire in one drama was pretty scary.


No, I didn’t say men were bad, said I was grossed out because I had never seen that before. I was shocked because It never occurred to me that men could be that hairy. The men in my family were not hairy neither were the neighbors. I grew up in California, on the Pacific rim so the population is from people all around the world. But my neighborhood was populated by people from Mexico, South America, Puerto Rico, various American Indian tribes, the Philippines and misc. European descent (But anyone who might have been furry kept their shirts on so I never knew if they were furry of or not.)


lol They want to show off their trim ankles… :grin: They are wearing little footsie socks.


maybe they don’t like wearing socks? not just C dramas but Kdramas too


I’ll pay closer attention, but when they take off their shoes at the door, I don’t see the footsie socks coming off. Then they put their slippers on. Same going out the door, I haven’t seen them going on either.


When I hear the word “furry”, men are usually not the first creatures that come to mind … :wink: :rofl::rofl::rofl:


i HAVE A QUESTION FOR Y’ALL. The historical, magical scenesI love all of them, the twists & turns the “flying”,

well I do have a question and not sure you have an answer, but how come when they do the magic or whatever, they hold out or up two fingers to do something, like attacking with light or getting a sword, or anything else,

just watched one that held out(the I love you sign) those fingers for them to be enclosed in a circle. no big thing, but just curious. watching the dance of the Pheonix, I like it. 2nd episode

oh and how about that acupuncture? they had to do a lot of learning to do that!
watching one on YT and they had a special doll to do that, it was filled with mercury, and if they hit the wrong spot it leaked mercury

. to be sure they didn’t have that waaaay back when?


I don’t know if this answers your question but thats an interesting documentation on traditional Chinese medicine


I will watch it thanks


ah here a brief article to the subject