The odd things C-Dramas taught me about China!


Are you referring to this gesture?

I think it’s probably symbolic of chi energy

The median nerve triggers the index finger, the middle finger and the thumb to boost chi flow for an action.


oh yeah!! yeah thats what I am talking about chi energy, huh? neat to know!! yeah I watched it , very interesting.


a very interesting article to be sure!! taoist huh, instead of Buddah.


Confucianism and taoism where before buddhism got popular.


I find all these 3 philosophies hold great wisdom and thoughts that are to this day highly valuable.


and do you know we do use some of what they have said too. yes a lot of wisdom there


questions today! how come we see those historical dramas, and the guys wear white, example taoist grand master, legend of the pheonix , and more! whats with the white? I can understand the “gods” wearing them but the other guys?


I don’t know of any significance for it. I thought it was just on the whim of the costume designer. Maybe brighter colours are easier to light from a technical standpoint.
Could just be a good guys in white, baddies in black line of thought but that’s just psychology rather than symbolic as white is worn at funerals in real life in Asian cultures, I think it has something to do with it reflecting evil/not attracting the dead or something, not 100% sure.


Im no expert on taoism believes but thats what I think it could be:

Before there where the 5 element theory there was only black and white

Yin embodies the black colour. Which can refer to absorption in taoism believes, to its embodies the female, the intuitive, the moon as example.

Yang the white, also stands for purity or does not absorb, male, and many other things as flow, righteousness etc . Their funeral robes where made distinctively of hempen.

This could refer to that:

The answer lies in how the Chinese have split the reference to the white dragon in their ancient traditions.

And there are two kinds of white dragons. One is the solar white dragon that stands for purity, holiness, and is thought to be bestowed with the powers of none other than the sun. It also represents innocence, and it is this association that the Chinese desire in their homes and kitchens. But white can be a tricky colour because the lunar white dragon is a bad omen; often a harbinger of death. It is for this reason that white is commonly worn at Chinese funerals to symbolise mourning.

I dont know how reliable this source is, so take it with a pinch of salt:
but I think this does make sense.


Also I do think the evil guys or demons as they refer are not having the same meaning as the idea we have on our western point of view. But that would mean we would have to delve into the very depts of taoism and zen philosophy to elaborate further but it is indeed very interesting.


thanks y’all for some neat answers!

and what about those pearls they just have to have? magical powers and such??


you refer to their tennis ball sized medicine, they just swallow like candy? I doubt that this has any realistic source xD


yeah thats it, thanks I didn’t think so either

how do they fly on those swords!! the reality pullies & ropes


Isn’t it a pity, that we humans can just imagine all that cool stuff?!
I wish I could be some tactical mage, playing chess controlled by my mind and each move can be a devastating blow as tidal waves and earthquakes :smiley: oh and I would own a dragon bet and live in solitude on the highest peak of a mountain in a cave filled with magical books.


aren’t you glad we don’t? what a mess we would create!! imagination is a great thing! I do like the cave though!!


Nah, Not into caves myself but a beautiful forest full of ancient trees, waterfalls and deep hidden pools… Yea. that’s more my speed… And I won’t need swords, dragons or a bag of tricks. I’d just be aware that nothing good is trying to get in and casually divert them into days of circling only to find themselves dumping out to where they started - they being tired but unenlightened. Yea. non-confrontational magic - the ultimate power. :sunglasses:


that forest spirit, huh? sounds awesome, so describe what you look like, forest spirit that is

oh ! I know the ones in Gu family book!!


But my mind magic is strong id even find a strategy to crack your pool formation :stuck_out_tongue: and yes writer, this is why we are humans and cant have nice things, imagine a teleportation magic thief would just, teleport at night when you sleep into your bedroom and steal your kidney to sell on the black market, its scary indeed…


hehehehehehe, loved it! thank you for my laugh. yeah the mind has to be strong to do all that magic and all.


Yea, outfit - Blues and greens, with gold trim… kind of like the outfit Suzy wore in Gu Gamily book. but I wouldn’t want the over robe to be that short nor do I want it to drag on the ground. - not practical in a forest. Upper-mid calf length - long pants tucked into high boots. Gotta climb a tree fast if necessary. :wink: And very long, calf length hair, but braided not loose, otherwise my hair would try to touch everything around. (My hair is really that long and it does try to touch everything around so it has to be in a braid. )

oh yea. A sword too, even though I don’t have to use it. It’s there if I need it though… :laughing: Yea. I am peaceful as long as you leave me alone. :sunglasses: :innocent: