The odd things C-Dramas taught me about China!


Wow you got really this long hair? How long does it take to brush…im already having difficulties do brush my hair and is hip long… well short I want to let it grow until im tired of it.


yeah forgot about the long hair oh what about the long nails when you get angry! and the color of your eyes change too


Well I also have hip long hair (once a year I cut the ends so it becomes waist long, then grows again), and I brush it starting from low, holding firmly my hand to separate the piece I will comb. Then when that is combed, I put my hand further up, and comb that (until the ends, but the ends are already combed so no problem); then further up, etc. Never start from the top. But I suppose you already know that.
I also use coconut oil every now and then, so it helps.
I always braid it at night. I got this habit from when I had a man. You know, when your hair is spread on the bed around your head and shoulders and perchance he puts his elbows on it, pulling some strands, and you scream so loud that you can be heard in the next neighbourhood… Totally spoiling the mood… I wanted to avoid that. Double win: they are kept neat and they also get a nice wave.


I know the feels, its not good to sleep with long hair not tied into a braid, you can wake up with terrible neck ages and thats a huge no no for a good day. Yes I know that with the brushing from the bottom to top. Im lucky my hair grows like weed, can you imagine like 5 years ago I had it shaved completely off.


Eh, porky this robe of bloody romance series made me think on your forest spirit description


Yea. Kinda like that but not so long on the sleeves. Stuff that drags just picks up sticks and dirt. :smiley:


Lol. A dermatologist once told me I was a mutant. I just laughed. It’s easy to take care of and I prefer long hair to short hair. Since it’s in a braid most of the time I don’t get a lot of knots. Maybe about 15 minutes to brush out? Just divide it in half and bring to the front and comb out the bottom first and work your way up. Oh And only sleep with it in a braid, otherwise you can get yourself pinned by laying on it. lol


mine is Like watching those historical dramas where they turn, twirl ride the swords, and fly and release “power” from their hands, um can we do that??


yes we can if you got a great imagination :smiley: imagine the little kids they to always have this great minds filled with magic and fantasy which they never grow tired of it…its still there claim it own it and observe this world with children eyes and it’ll be forever magical.


yeah! imagination! now if mine could work a bit!! get the frustrated writer unfrustrated!!


Oh…I do not dare, because I may have limitless imagination but I lack the art of writeing, therefore i’m not a good source of inspiration. Unless a jab would help − I do not suggest that, although my fists are far from being lethal it may hurt − at least thats one thing I know to do.


Ah, one thing I recognised are their superior white robes. They seemingly this powerful that they are abstain from any blood splatters, dirt and wine stains. I still wonder if ever one of those mighty warriors got entangled with the sword into their long sleeves, obviously they are woven from some heavenly silk there cant even cut a sword trough.


other than the white robes, when they bow they put their hands in front of them then slightly bow

Have you ever watched those historical dramas and theres an eagle, or falcon flys at the beginning of the drama, so whats the signifience of it? don’t get me wrong, but just curious


what about when they do any fighting and when they fall they spew up blood, whats with that??


ahgggh some dramas have blood literally FLOWING out of their mouths…I’m definitely not a medic but does that really happen? because sometimes the blood just keeps on pouring out like water and it’s really weird to watch :flushed:


wouldn’t they have to rupture a vein to do that? and yes weird to watch


all those stairs!! anywhere, and Korea has them too, haven’t checked the other countries, and especially to shrines or temples!!


it’s such a hilly area, all those neighborhoods on the mountainsides with thousands of stairs connecting them is characteristic of Korea.In Shopaholic Louis, there was a cable-car for an especially long set of stairs! :grin:


maybe someone put it here, but still thanks for refreshing this ladys memory, its hilly , neat to know!

and another question and this is for the C dramas. I recently found this out so I do ask, why do they use
dubbing for their character actors? kind of interesting as well


I saw a video about that not long ago where voice dubbing was explained.

Why Chinese Dramas are SOOO Voice Dubbed - Haiyah! - YouTube