The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!


Aw! I love that gif! :sunglasses:

Yep! Rock, paper, scissors determined V was gonna be it. :laughing:

I LOVE GO GO! :grin: Oh! They are singing about parties, money and how to squander it.


Macarons are apparently the desert of the Gods, because they are everywhere

Behind South Korea’s ‘fatcaron’ sensation - YouTube](


Rock Paper Scissors in Korea is not a game, it is LAW. :joy:
K-pop band iKON uses RPS for line distribution and who has to wear the cringey animal onesie. EXO’s Kai is forever using it for any problem he faces. It’s the best solution for lazy people with indecision problems. :sunglasses:


Even though you’ve only been travelling for a few minutes in the daytime, when you reach your destination, it will be night.

Tears come from nowhere and if you’re outdoors, it will rain or blossom will fall.

If you fall, someone will catch you. If they don’t, you end up in a coma.


In most languages names have male and female forms. Like Kian and Kiana


Yes, but in Korean, there are a lot of unisex names-- Kim Soo Hyun (M) and Hong Soo-Hyun (F)
Ji Min (BTS, male) and Jimin (ex-AOA, female)


There are English exceptions that I have encountered in the workplace like Carol and Marion (in fact , my brother in-law is named Marion , and my brothers mother in-law is named Marion ) and then ones that have gender forms but the same pronunciation like Terry and Teri , however I have seen/noticed more unisex names in Asian languages, particularly Urdu. Being born and raised an English speaker the name queues that I get in hearing a name do not often match up with what I hear…it took me a while as an adult to accept that a male name would end in a vowel , which is something you are not used to in European languages…


Well, English/Germanic names perhaps but - Latin based Male names often end in the letter o.


Duh, the Latin version of my name is Antonio …thanks :slight_smile:


Antonio Bassanio Gratiano Stephano Lorenzo Alonzo Gonzalo…so done with Shakespeare and his Italian obsession that I’ve been forced to study for four years :flushed:


I have not seen Carol, but definitly Courtney and Shannon.


Carroll O’Connor - the guy that played Archie Bunker , Pope John Paul II ( Karol Józef Wojtyła - Polish spelling )


Stepmothers go to college and major in Mean and Evil to StepDaughters 101 …and bad hair


What I learned is that I have been eating ramen all wrong. I am supposed to suck it up. I guess that is where the saying came from


No, that’s not quite right. ‘To eat ramen’ is to invite the object of your affection to your home for some hopeful hanky-panky. :grin:


Small earrings for women do not exist.


I think nenmack_581 was referring to how you eat ramen as seen in dramas, i.e. sucking up the strands of noodles up with all the vigour and slurping sounds of a pig with a Dyson cordless vac << [product placement in discussions. Yes, send me your newest model Mr Dyson, Thanks!]
Whereas you’re referring to the invite to “come in for some ramen” the eastern equivalent of the western “come in for a coffee” (and perhaps something more) because if anyone were to invite me to come in and suck something up had better be a vampire or need a freezing cold shower quick! :flushed::flushed::flushed:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:lmao you really analized that so deeply. I hope you get the Dyson cordless vac for free. You deserve it.


“Have ramen at my house” = Netflix and Chill …


Bangs were a requirement for female idols until Jan 20, 2021 when LaLisa Monban ( BlackPink Lisa ) was spotted not wearing bangs ! She even proved she had a forehead on Instagram !