The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!


Straight men wear clothes that would make Liberace blush …


I’m honestly curious-- that thing they do when someone has indigestion and they rub the space between the thumb and index finger, does it really help indigestion? Is there anyone here with experience?


You should google “accupressure for indestigation” to find the right points.


ooh okay, thanks. :grin: I wanted to hear it from someone who’s actually done it because it seems so unlikely that something done on the hand affects the digestive system!


I’ve heard about it several times, not only through kdramas.You may give it a try, at worst, nothing happens.
(Sometimes I press a few points on my face.)


called acupressure, ya got a lot of those on your bod, I am just learning that myself,


Indigestion treatment is to tie cotton around the thumb and prick the thumb and make it bleed. The pressure point between the base of the thumb and index finger is for relief from headache and yes it works.


Let us not forget that both girls and boys forgive the worst horrors and humiliations of all kinds, out of love!:sourire:


That indigestion treatment sounds worse than the indigestion itself!


And with amazing speed at that, often forgiven within the same episode or the next scene when in real life these things often fester on for years! :triumph:


Punishment of adult children can be shaving a woman’s head ( seen it talked about in lots of dramas ) or putting them out naked or near naked ( oddly enough , it’s always the ripped guys in dramas )


My mom used to give us kids what I call the boarding school chop. Off up to the ears and super short bangs. I HATED that haircut when I was a kid!

She got mad at my sister when I was 16 and chopped all of us girls hair off to the ears! And we had nothing to do with it! I was furious with my sister for years for giving mom an excuse to shop our hair off. That was the last time my mom got ahold of my hair.


:joy:I went around with a mushroom head for most of my elementary school years and HATED it…and then one day my aunt took me to get my hair cut. She has two boys and I don’t know WHAT went on in her head but she got my hair cut the same way as theirs, a total boy-cut, and I cried all the way home. She’s my favourite aunt but I was furious with her for a LONG time :sob: It was the last time I had short hair.


What a terrible thing to do! The only time I cut my daughter’s hair was when she had lice and even then (she was 4) I asked her: “Do I cut your hair shoulder length or you don’t fuss when I pass the fine comb. If we cut it, I promise that in 4 years, the length we cut will be completely regrown”. And she said “All right, cut it”. Her hair was down to her waist at the time. It took more than 4 years to get it to her waist again but that’s because in the meanwhile she had grown in height as well.


Yea but that’s what Catholic boarding schools did to kids as punishment back then. They also didn’t want to take care of the kids hair so they just chopped it off to the ears. They were actually pretty mean to the kids.


A 50 count package of 3 x 9 envelopes only lasts about halfway through a drama …


I was watching the Player and laughing my head off at the way the villain ALWAYS makes neat files of every evil plan and distriutes it nicely to all the bad guys even in emergencies. He aLWAYS has time to print evey detail out and hand it to everyone :rofl::rofl:


I never realized how much people drink in South Korea! It only seems odd to me because most people seem so put together and fit and healthy so seeing the heavy drinking culture was surprising to me!


Believe it or not , they are ranked 38th in consumption of alcohol in the world:
List of countries by alcohol consumption per capita - Wikipedia


Those statistics are not valid now since I only saw them up to 2016 we are now in 2021. According to articles I’ve read consuming alcohol has increased world wide due to the pandemic and the fear the people are facing right now and they are drowning in alcohol. Another theory and why there are so many death related to alcohol consumption is bc they started spreading that the covid19 virus would not kill you if you drank alcohol. In some countries even babies were given alcohol (3 drops for children) Can you imagine those poor baby’s liver in the near future? Many adult and children have died already, and so far has not been counted as a death toll related to covid19. When the truth comes out we’ll see numbers changing and ppl realizing how far this virus went..