The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!


Sad, but true. I have not been able to drink during COVID however , since alcohol+insulin drops my blood sugar to dangerous levels


I’m glad you are taking care of yourself. The next door neighbor had a drinking problem but his wife controlled him, and he was doing so well but sadly, his wife died from the virus. He started drinking non stop, and left to meet her 2 months later. I believe he died from a broken heart but the alcohol was what caused his death.


Yes I saw that! So crazy, I just never expected it haha


Apparently the most worthless thing in South Korea is a stick of gum …


River Where The Moon Rises Ep12, that the Goguryeo border was in downtown Egypt? (click on the picture for a clearer view.) :thinking::man_shrugging:

And Ep13


All veins, and nerves end in the hands, and the bottom of our feet. Oriental treatments work with the natural way the body works.


Oh my, those are hieroglyphics, aren’t they? :joy:


They are indeed, confused the heck out of me for a drama about the three kingdoms of Korea. Goguryeo, Silla and Baekje.

Although I have to make a correction for the second scenery/set location

That’s not how you spell Subways in hieroglyphs. :rofl: (maybe it reads vulture foot long made fresh instore)


This article might help, it’s about all the kingdoms of Korea:

:joy::joy: Subway is, was and will always be.


Korean women don’t get horny. They simply slap themselves twice in the face and ask if they are crazy if an erotic thought arises.


They also exercise. Men too. They go for a run, have a cold shower (like in The Sims)


The famous self talk, after the slap :joy:
너 미쳤어! ?
neo michyeoss-eo! ?


Talking to yourself out loud on a sidewalk is totally normal.

So is sleeping with lights on, usually more than one.

But seriously, one of the things I love seeing in kdramas is boxes of delicious food wrapped up in shiny, colorful fabric. This needs to start happening in my life. I might start packing my own lunch that way. (And yeah, I’m still working from home. Come at me.)


:laughing::rofl: too cute! :laughing:


You can totally do this for yourself at home :wink:. I don’t know what it’s called in Korean, but I use a furoshiki to wrap up bento’s. It’s fun :blush:


It’s called 보자기 (bojagi) in Korean. :slight_smile:


Hi @vivi_1485,
Thought I’d piggy back on your post with this video!!

Hope the fans find it relatable, and of interest.


The key to a successful pregnancy is not good pre-natal care , but having a family matriarch have a dream that tells her that her daughter , daughter in law or granddaughter is pregnant. Usually someone throwing chestnuts at the Grandma. Grandma always knows before the announcement , even when they live hundreds of miles apart.


The concept of taking responsibility for encouraging someone’s feelings.
If a person makes a move on you and then ghosts you, you have the right to ask the person to take responsibility. No having to play mind games. The confession comes out faster. Therefore, if you don’t want to confess, don’t make a move on the person. If you want to play push and pull, do it without touching the person(except to grab their wrist and drag or whirl them around). I’m seeing that in a lot of dramas.


There are a lot of guys in long kaki trenchcoats waiting around in neighbourhoods for the right timing to flash a (young) female. Sometimes they have a perfect get-away route, but sometimes they get a beating sooner than later… :unamused: