The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!

I don’t know about the other things, but you sure got lucky with the mother-in-law, as I’ve been reading real stories of Italian girls who married a Korean and went to live in Korea: and the situation with Korean mother-in-laws is often very off-putting. To be fair, it’s exactly as it was in Italy about 60-70 years ago (my grandma was horrible to my mother)


I just have to say that if you ever decide to write a comedy special, I would most definitely watch it. I laughed out loud at this.

Let me add something: “If someone doesn’t end up at the hospital at any point for any reason, then the story isn’t complete.”

The thing about the crying and the few streets especially entertained me and I’ll tell you why. I watch K-Dramas with my family and I can quote two things in relation to this that were said as we all watched various K-Dramas together:

“Oh, I know this street!”
“Oh, are they crying again?”

All jokes aside, though, I absolutely love K-Drama and all the K-Dramas I’ve seen have been amazing, but this is so on point and it’s hilarious. Please write a stand up comedy special. :joy:


I learned one more thing from K dramas and that is, and if you watch closely; you will see so much lying in them, and that is not a good thing to learn from them at all…

A few of my fave quotes why I dislike LIES so much


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No no no. You made an association. My paternal grandmother was Italian (and my mother Greek).


‘Something in the Rain’ has the world’s worst mother-in-law who is hysterically opposed to her 35 yr old daughter marrying her 25 yr old boyfriend.

It got so bad I stopped watching it at one point. I was shocked that social mores counted for so much more than the happiness of her mature daughter.

Hell, when I think about it, this was a majorly rad show which had the couple sleeping together!! Unmarried and in a K-Drama!!!

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Please don’t remind me of this, it was something that I (and most of the others watching and commenting) believe was one of the major disappointments in my k-drama life. A drama all of us adored up to episode 12-13 and hated afterwards, including the ending. I don’t know what came into the writers to completely ruin the show, making the characters do things that completely clashed with their previous established personality, as if they became possessed by aliens or zombies, of as if they had a death wish, to destroy themselves, their lives and other people’s lives.
After that, they made Spring Night with the same couple, to redeem themselves, but the bitter taste persisted.
At least it made a star of Jung Hae-in.


This is the thing. We become very invested in these shows, and we give many hours attention to them.

I suspect some storylines don’t reach the commissioned span, so they go for far-fetched twists of the tale to wring some extra life out of the plot.

Probably, in response to that scenario, we’re seeing more 12 and 10 part dramas.

Two shows that I felt badly led up the garden path about were Chocolate and Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.

Especially the latter. Just at the very point of consummation they took the show right off the rails. Grrr.

Apologies for bringing up Something in the Rain, though. Mea culpa.


I just finished that one and I went in cold.
Like what were the writers even thinking? :sob:

Another thing to add to the list:
It’s perfectly fine to pretend that you are dead for a (long) period of time. All will be forgiven and life will carry on as if you haven’t deceived your friends or the love of your life. Just a normal part of life I guess :joy: :sweat_smile:


That was mad!!!