The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet


If you haven’t read this Wiki give it a read, including the reads under the drop down arrow in the Wiki :wink::ok_hand:t5::fist:t5:!

Post Script: I learned my lesson about creating Wikis, and keeping ones badge awards :sob::joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth: Thankfully the two month mark, has sealed this Wiki, but the information is useful.:smile::smile::smile:


Not Safe For Work :sob::joy:I had to web search that :sob::joy:



animated gif

I need a WARNING by my name!!


If you use Firefox, there are extensions you can add to do screen caps of most anything. If I do a Google search on any drama shown on Viki and arrive at stills or posters or whatever that are being used on another website, I have no trouble doing an ordinary screen cap.

Also, making gifs is a matter of following a set of instructions on whatever websites offer the ability to make gifs. The time-consuming part is playing with the app. It’s like shopping for clothes. It takes as much or as little time as you decide on.


The answer to making gifs is: it’s a popular activity that draws people to certain social media sites and enables the website owner to entice them to linger and purchase/subscribe/enroll. It’s made simple so everyone can do it and share.

The answer to dealing with Viki screen caps is: avoid them. I can get Viki images I’m looking for by Googling fan and news sites that I know use them and screen-capping them that way.

And the obvs way to get one’s work noticed is to post to the Viki FB page.


LMAO this is the funniest thing ever! @kdrama2020ali your Supreme Chancellor position has consequences!


Just wanted to take some artistic license/licence here to thank subjects of the tiny lady in the shiny hat (dear soul not doing well I understand) for bringing some light and originality to one of Her Majesty’s former colonies in this year’s “off-year” elections.

Virginia, where I grew up, now has a new governor who is (like many of my Scotch-Irish pioneer ancestors) 6’7" tall. And it has a lieutenant governor who is Jamaican by birth AND an ex-US Marine.

I especially want to thank my friends and relations in the United States’ largest unincorporated territory for being part of the crew that has made me one happy ex-resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia.



Are gifs easy to make? The answer is yes.

Unmesh-ji seems like a trustworthy sort of fellow.

Have fun!


This is also the type of thing we can contribute to the sea of memes. People know how to use Photoshop, GIMP, other graphic manipulation software.

Again I say, original, creative, kickass. Right here. Proven for several months now by everybody. Just another thought.

(Gimp, Kompasiana, Pixabay)


If anyone is going to try this, don’t create it as a WebP, Discussions doesn’t allow uploads in WebP format.



Meanwhile, lovers of more modern skies, when trying to support the very entertainment products that Viki relies on to sustain its budget . . .

Are not allowed to do so.

(Viki screen cap)

I think that this is is Disoc-butt talking with his/her/its/their but certainly not OUR posterior.

I understand that “like farming” or the deliberate skewing of “ratings” is frowned upon by all kinds of websites who deoend on accurate customer use/review/whatevs kinds of stats to prep budgets, reward sales personnel, order more of X from a vendor, etc.

However, as usual, this makes no sense whatsoever.

It’s Viki unoriginality that I have seen in a variety of formats.

Should I post a review of Jirisan (which is turning out to be an EXCEPTIONAL choice to stream on Viki) that says . .

"Everything sucks about this drama, including the drama, Viki, the subbers, the Viki community, and people who are just 'stopping in" to see what’s going on."


That wouldn’t work either, now would it?

Your laugh for the day

Does that dame on the left have a cigar clamped in her teeth? Now that’s what I call thinking “outside the cigar box” for sure!


it’s kinda reasonable, though… if I had my way, I’d sit tapping that heart button with all my might for hours on end because I really really love some of the subbing teams here. I could singlehandedly raise obscure drama teams like The Bond’s to first place on the “Most Loved Subbing Team” charts! :joy:


It sure looks like it! :no_smoking: It could be candy :candy: too! :candy:


Looks to be some kind of Oreo biscuit?


I want to see Dali and the Cocky Prince so badly, but yet they have not released it yet on Viki.
The show could be seen in Subtitle Apply Area. Also, I want to see Vincenzo being in viki, I would watch it again, because with other commenters during viki, I enjoy watching the show very much


There are several threads related to shows that people want to see on Viki. There are also several threads related to problems people are having with shows that are currently on Viki.

This thread is not one of them.

If you look under the discussion categories of “TV and Movies” and “K-dramas,” you will probably find discussion threads that can address your current interests and concerns.


I am glad you said it @misswillowinlove, but after thinking why @meonmyown would keep posting about shows she hasn’t seen, and want to see, in this thread, I think meonmyown misunderstand the title of this thread, and keeps reading it as a question, instead of a declaration. I hope she understands now :rofl:


Then so I want to see Jirisan, Yumi’s Cells and many more. Sorry I misunderstood the topic.
@misswillowinlove @leerla73 :rofl: