The "Viki Original" you haven't seen yet

Happy felt like she was a spectator in the front row of a tennis match as she watched the back-and-forth between the ‘big guns’ of Badger Productions (which is fitting because, shockingly, she’d been watching early rounds of the U.S. Open tennis tournament on her computer today instead of Viki). ‘I know I don’t always give my undivided attention around here, but I’m really confused,’ she thought to herself. ‘Are they or are they not following Vivi’s suggestion to write a new story within the familiar setting of a previous drama? And did I hear something about a couple bringing a Kami back from Japan? Does that mean the couple in the story is already together? Is this not a story about two people meeting and falling in love? Do these higher-ups realize that the shenanigans in their office would make for a great drama all on their own, full of quirky but lovable characters, workplace tension, and complete with an in-house Kami?’

Happy shakes her head and puts her earbuds back in, turning back to the high-intensity match that’s on her screen. ‘It’s a good thing I’m only here on a voluntary basis,’ she reminds herself. ‘I’m of no use. Thankfully they let me freeload from their wi-fi in exchange for goodies from my Segue Cafe, and this way at least I can be front row center as this drama takes shape.’


These are exactly the questions I’m trying to ask here :joy::joy: Watch the video above, Noh Ji Wook is ME.


Thanks for the video. So very apt. And also, I had forgotten how much I love those people. :rofl::rofl:


That’s my comfort drama. I still think it’s one of the funniest dramas ever produced. That crazy family was hilarious.
And Inspector Bang’s “I feel like an orphanage director with four children.”
Bong Hee: counts on her fingers… “Ji Wook, Eun Hyuk and me… who’s the fourth?”
Mr Byun walks in.
Inspector Bang: “Here he is. Our eldest.” :joy::joy::joy:

I think I’ve watched the drama at least three times now. Oops, I should take this to the Segue Cafe :sweat_smile:


If Maknae Vivi is represented by Ji Chang Wook’s character, then it’s pretty clear who the laughing little kid in glasses in is . . .


As for who Mr. Byun might be . . .

“Hello, Badger Productions . . . Yes, thank you for your prompt response regarding my order of a pallet of Light Nautical Bikky-Stix. Yes, if you off-load it into the parking space marked ‘OSPD-nim,’ that will leave sufficient parking space for vendors, visitors, and clients.”




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Here is where the rubber meets the road, as a very common meme in English says. This is where it gets serious and gets good.

What's your role/character?
  • Court jester? Miss Willow the receptionist is that, obvs.

  • Part of the production crew?

  • Cast? or/and, Crew?

  • Male Lead(ML)? Female Lead(FL)?

  • Second Male Lead(SML)? Second Female Lead (SFL)?

  • A cameo role?

  • A supporting role?

  • Badger Productions writers? Pine-sama, Maknae Vivi and . . . should we call her The Butterfly of Happiness? aka: @my_happy_place

  • Director? Videographer? etc. OSPD-nim is the obvs choice.

  • Costume, and Make-up? Miss Willow’s real-time alter-ego did that in high school plays.

  • Press releases? For enthusiasm and creativity in promoting Viki for certain “reasons,” I think that, at least in terms of this particular thread, @kdrama2020ali, leerla73, and @vivi_1485 have to top the list. @mas4 is excellent at providing information about dramas and actors/actresses who deserve attention.

  • In charge of budget? Not Miss Willow, LOL! Which participant in this thread thinks of himself or herself as a real expert at pinching pennies but still living a life of quality and value? That would be a natural fit for Badger Productions’ Budget Director . . . and that person/character would end up with endless opportunities for comical contributions!

  • Craft Services? Happy’s Segue Cafe and the crew of baristas from Ali’s Hottie Posse Penthouse will be providing all the refreshments for cast and crew.

@entwyfhasbeenfound, @ninjas_with_onions , at Badgers Production!

Viki fans, come join us!
@mirjam_465, @loveurself_melanin, @lovemyself, @sweetybirdtoo

Viki fans!

Please note that Discobot allows only ten “tags” in any post on any topic. Even if you are editing this Wiki only a little bit, you need to use community member “ordinary” names or user names without the “at” sign . . . or Discobot will make you go out in the hall and squat with your arms in the air . . . The real Miss Willow just discovered that. :rage: :rage: :rage:


It’s really hard !!!


Yes, avoiding Discobot’s interference is harder than getting a soccer goal at the last second in the world soccer championship. However, Team Badger is up to the challenge.

For instance, since “Padma” (पद्मा, correct?) means “lotus” (an ultra-auspicious name), your English-script “handle” could be . . . Lotus-Blossom-agassi-nim? LBA-nim for short? Badger Productions is a business after all.

Or Lo-lo when honorifics are not used?


Ooh, ooh, ooh! Must mention that here in Rochester, NY, I have just discovered that a pizzeria that makes wonderful “Brooklyn-stye” pizza AND has a stellar employee whose mom is Indonesian.

I ordered a “B-style” white pizza for lunch with a neighbor yesterday, and this amazing employee told me she has made “satay” pizza for her mom AND for her fellow employees AND could make one for me.

Wow. Mind blown.


(Here’s a freebie for those ordering pizza in the University of Hotness cafeteria: "Hey, pizza chef, are you from Heaven? Cause you look divine!")


Pouting - pine-sama got hungry looking at that Brooklyn, NY pizza which is NOT available in Idaho! So she has ordered mocajete mariscos for everyone but that willowy pizza-girl.

“What! Some people are allergic to seafood! Oh my! I am so sorry! So sorry!” Porky nodded apologetically and half-bowed towards the inmates of Badger Productions.

Sitting at the table, Porky pulled all the mocajete towards her side and greedily rubbed her hands together. In her best Azorean dialect, with relish, said. “Mais pra mim!” (More for me)

“If I had any bacalhau (cod), I’d make a gochujang stew for you!”

“Who knew that Bacalhau and gochujang were made for each other!” Pausing, she looked around the room and corrected her thought. “Oh, sorry! You can’t eat that either!” Laughing hysterically while shoveling delicious mocajete de mariscos into her mouth, the other inmates started to wonder about porkypine’s sanity.

Huffily, Miss Willow said, “At least she is not stealing my blix stix!” as pine-sama ordered some octopus sashimi as an appetizer.

“Hey, You snooze, you lose!” porky laughed. “You gotta remember that I am from Fusion food San Francisco and am only stranded in the sage brush sea!” she hurriedly ordered cod and spuds from Freddies pick up service.


Excuse me, @entwyfhasbeenfound, are you trying to get out of being the Executive Director here? I’m pretty sure your rank was higher than PD-nim’s! Receptionists don’t get their own private office!! And if you really want to be receptionist, congratulations, @ninjas_with_onions, you rule the roost here! :joy::smile: No more warlords to conquer!


@entwyfhasbeenfound went to town :shopping_cart::shopping: :heavy_heart_exclamation:on that wiki (人*´∀`)。*゚+


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Yes, this was taking @entwyfhasbeenfound synopsis in her opening post to this topic. We at Badger Production are up for the challenge of making a story out of whatever is thrown at us!

Yes, in the synopsis you’ll see that it was the craziest of rushed marriages, adding yet more challenges in that it will not be the typical run of the mill romance development, but not impossible.

That was the intention, having it as the day to day ‘drama’ of

whilst at the same time try to develop actual dramas in all the madness!


Hey! What’s up with the inmates? :open_mouth: :worried: :worried: We’re not inmates 。:゚(;´∩`;)゚:。
Those seafood hot pots, sure looks :yum: :chopsticks: fancy,:fork_and_knife: :yum: and served in pots similar to Korean hot pots!


plural noun: inmates

  1. a person confined to an institution such as a prison or hospital or Badger Productions.

The top two, called ‘mocajetes’, are basalt mortars used to grind herbs and chilis. The Bacahlau pot is a clay pot.

Did you know that they often cook foods in volcanic hot holes in the Azores?

It’s funny to see all those tourists right up in there taking pictures.

Oh! Me want some!


Well, if Maknae Vivi is going to be picky, picky, technically, Miss Willow made up the world of Badger Productions out of her mere mental processes. So Miss Willow is, at least in the Viki-verse, the Creator of Badger Productions.

Executive Director, indeed! Fooey!

Miss Willow give herself a demotion?



:relieved: We are a Production Company.


Kind of like in Uganda.

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It doth appear that OSPD-nim has started to trance channel some meagre portion of that highly inventive, highly original, yet highly successful Father of English-language stage plays, The Bard Himself, William Shakespeare. Miss Willow (were she down on his level in the Badger Productions org chart) might, as a show of support, bring out her Royal Doulton candy dish and offer him ONE very small Jordan almond in a color of her choice.




Miss Willow, as a native Texan, is always fond of learning about the various modern languages descended largely from Latin (the first clearly different layer being the one containing Italian, French, Spanish, Portugese, and Romanian, and she also seems to remember something about a dialect spoken in a part of Switzerland).

The blessings of knowing a wide variety of languages is being able to order food. Miss Willow must confess to knowing generally of the Azores but not knowing (until today) that they were part of Brazil.


(Miss Willow, ever the self-reflective sort, must now pause and ascertain why she constantly refers to herself in the third person . . .)