There should be a badge for Croatian language

Dear @vikicommunity,

We need a badge for Croatian language.

Lately the number of Croatian subbers has increased and it would be a great incentive for them to have this badge which they can then feature with pride on their user pages. Everyone loves badges, as this community proves with every subathon :wink:

Please make it happen. This was due a long time ago. Our fellow Serbian translators have one for YEARS!


I agree. In fact, every community of every language should get a badge created for them. At least, the somewhat sizeable and active ones in this Viki polyglot population should.

@vikicommunity, please consider it. Thank you.


@jadecloud88 and @bozoli

just sharing a piece of information. i filed a ticket about having a badge for my language telugu and sean replied that they will make a badge for our community very soon. and its been many months and there is no update about it and imo viki is very busy in other things so it will take a very long time even if you file a ticket.


That’s great!

For a badge? Still, don’t give up. Drop a reminder periodically.:four_leaf_clover:

@giant_sean For your follow up, please.


We keep our fingers crossed for all languages interested in badges. Thing is, while the icons themselves are easy to make, the process of implementing badges automatically might take some time and skill. And Viki has been very buggy lately. The engineers were probably redirecting their efforts elsewhere.