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So wie ich es jetzt verstanden habe ist es ein Katholischer Brauch…

Musste aber auch feststellen, daß es Unterschiede der Namen gibt … So ist in Spanien der Name Andrea männlich, bei uns in Deutschland ist der Name Andrea weiblich… :sweat_smile: Witzig irgendwie…

As I understand it now, it’s a Catholic custom…

But I also had to find out that there are differences in the names… So in Spain the name Andrea is masculine, here in Germany the name Andrea is feminine… Funny somehow…


Right! The article did say it’s a Catholic thing, I guess because it’s a name, and names are associated with the country one is from, and the culture. So I was trying hard to tag it to a country. :smile:


In any case, I don’t believe that it is still customary among Catholics today to call one’s son Maria…although :thinking: deep in the forests, where modern times have not yet arrived :grimacing: I wouldn’t be so sure then :joy:


Even in Italy is Andrea for men, think Andrea Bocelli, the blind Opera singer :wink:


That got me curious. It’s pretty fascinating. I found an article that cited a study: " As reported by The Atlantic , research conducted by CityReality, the New York City-based real estate listing site, found that, out of 629 apartment buildings in New York City with 13 or more floors, a mere 9 percent actually labeled their 13th floor as, well, the 13th floor." It did go on to state, however: “every new apartment building added to New York City’s fast-growing Roosevelt Island in recent years has included a well-marked thirteenth floor.” So it does, indeed, appear to be on the way out.

And yet, I also found an article that stated this, reportedly from one of the largest elevator companies in the US: “Based on an internal review of records, the Otis Elevators company estimates that 85% of the buildings with their elevators do not have a named 13th floor.”

It’s been so long since I’ve been in a building that even has that many floors, so I couldn’t say if it’s still common around my area or not.


Just pay attention from now on when you get on an elevator in a high rise building. You might be surprised, and take pictures of the 13th floor button. Sadly, my aunt was a victim of covid 19 and I have no plans to ever set foot in that building. Maybe… a year from now? But right now it will be too painful. But definitely from now on I’m taking pics when I see the 13th floor elevator button to press. That’s a promise.

The article you cited here was from 2015, and my information is from 2020; so the change of the 13thfloor is real, and from now on we must check that out! Now I’m curious and on my part, I won’t forget bc I’m surrounded by High rise building (not too thrilled about it: honestly) It has blocked our sun, and make a disgustingly cold windy condition all around my area…:anguished:

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Sorry to hear that.

Like I said, I haven’t been in a building higher than a few floors in years and years and years, and I have no idea when I ever will be again. I probably will have forgotten about the whole thing by the time I might see another 13th floor. :grin:


Well, it has to be a new built building though bc I have been to old buildings, and they jump to the 14th floor.When my oldest daughter was getting married (20 years ago) many of these bridal stores we went to were located in high rise buildings and I noticed there was no 13th. floor. It hurts me to think how a simple superstition manipulates and control us, in so many ways.

I’m so glad you don’t have to deal with living around this high rise buildings bc they take so much beauty from our surroundings.


An interesting comparison :wink: :arrow_forward: video plays a total of 4:36, thanks! Ooooo! The description posted under this video on youtube is even more interesting!


And does any of the netizens complain about the not quite factual interpretation in drama, like much better living conditions in comparison to the factual kind of living???
This is exactly what bothers me what netizens are doing or other persons… they aren’t looking at things with same pair of glasses.

Well there could be 2 sides to this video… but there was likely more poverty than riches.
Also the corruption, bribery, slushfunds and difference between the rich elites and working class still exist today because it’s a rooted culture… it might never go away…

Btw why women had their breast exposed… was it that they didn’t have the bindings or for some other reason… that’s really surprising to me, yes one was breastfeeding, but the others…??

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The baby breastfeeding seemed a bit too old to me too :worried: the whole thing was a picture comparison. I just checked the description as posted on youtube, I suggest you check it too, it gets more interesting.


It does, reading the comments, but there are also more than 1 opinion as what actually was then and the Japanese occupation aspects… but like the Chinese dynasty dissipated because of similar oppression of common folks it was the same for Korea, Russia and Japan. As far I remember Japan wanted create One Asia, and all would have to bend to Japanese rules, writings and names.


I like the hesitated way I, often, hear the word, 내가 neh-gah, or 니가 nee-gah, used in dramas, and I never get it confused at all with the derogatory use of the N word, here in the :us_outlying_islands: USA :us:
A name at its utterly most basic form is just a sound we generate by the physical movements of our tongue, throat, teeth… how we push air around and vocalize. These sounds themselves are completely and blankly meaningless without the meaning we ourselves put into them . This is why certain terms are not appropriate or permitted to use - not because of how they sound, but because of the meaning we put into them. I think of the N word and the way it sounds to the English speaker. But in Korean, there is a word that’s extremely similar to it but has an entirely different meaning. In Korean, we say “내가” or “니가” (phonetically it would be “neh-gah” or “nee-gah”) which simply means “I” or “you” in an informal way. Would you be upset with a Korean speaker for using these words because of how similar it sounds to a racial slur in English? Of course not. Because we are the ones who define the meanings attached to the words.

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  • Hidden cameras are also in :house_with_garden: homes, or :house:places of other people, be they strangers, or friends.

  • Places of business

  • Typical hotel stay anywhere on the globe


Fascinating photos. A reminder that Korean history (and dynasties) go back a wee bit farther tthan modern concepts of freedom and democracy.


There have been a number of historical dramas told from the vantage point of the average, often-barely surviving, people of the Joseon period. And clearly, there were very few middle-class people around. People were either very rich or very poor.

Koreaboos do not, as far as I can tell, have fantasies about catching a flight to Seoul so they can disappear into the countryside and be indigent for the rest of their lives in a foreign language. (Wouldn’t the Korean tourist industry have a problem if that became a trend!)


My first ever here and I am sorry, I couldn’t participate here due to lack of time.
I am still lacking time, but never mind.

In another topic, they were clashing over the portrayal of an Afro-American or I hope you don’t mind if I write a person of color. I am always insecure about using the right words in addressing the people in the right way, but all in all for me people are people, all equal, I neither care about the sizes of their noses, or if their hair is curled or not, if their skin is darker, or their eyes are blue, I really do not care.
The only thing I might “judge” people on, are they good human beings or not, friendly or not, just or not, …

So what? It is criticized that a person with Afro-American roots is portrayed as dirty, … One can criticize it, however don’t lose your focus on it, this is a fictional product of a drama. I can understand that people get hurt, but in real life there are the problems to change.

Have you ever seen the portrayal of Germans in American movies that use “Nazis” to get laughter, let them speak this weird kind of accent nobody uses in Germany, let them salute, so the audience can laugh at it. And it seems Americans never get tired of Nazi-jokes, I even once encountered the word in use with people, but in real life not in a drama. Maybe it was used in a drama/show, I am most likely not the audience sought after for this kind of fictional product, if it exists.

The real problem is to change it in real life, so jokes like these do not work for any audience any longer, to edit books or movies won’t change that much. I wish, I can see that happening in this world, but in the past few days a new fear is coming up that the terror is fed by those other big men with power.

Let’s not lose hope that this world still has a chance to become a better place for all.

Stay safe, stay proud, don’t get irritated because of little remarks. Don’t lose the focus for the big picture, while watching the small screen.

P.S. Hope people will not misunderstand in fact I do not like such portrayals either it just shows the limited skills of someone to add comedy, but doing so on the expense of others.



It’s so sad that the entertainment industry seems this kinds of scenes/things as funny bc they are not funny at all. Unfortunately, I have not seen such movies so I can only understand that like you say is a fictitious product of a drama, but it still hurts all of us; it hurts you, me, and people all over the world that has to see those not funny at all things in a movie/drama.

I love that throughout the bad experience of watching this horrible things done to you and others around the world, you added this so kind words. I’m really sorry you experienced that too. Thank you so much for adding this

P.S. Hope people will not misunderstand in fact I do not like such portrayals either it just shows the limited skills of someone to add comedy, but doing so on the expense of others.


At work at the moment.

Update - @angelight313_168,
I did see, and previously watched this very video. Apart from the many dramas, and shows I watch, I know, or knew nothing about her-story. The in·ter·view·ee put a face to stuff of dramas, and movies. After reading the comments section of the video, it makes you question the facts.

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Scientist talk *ovid in Mt. Vernon