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This prayer is part of my devotion I did today. I thought I’d share. I sure did need it. Be blessed.

Lord, sometimes I get so caught up in the issues in front of me and so busy with the things of life that I forget to keep an eternal perspective. Help me to remember that everything around me is temporary—but You, God, are eternal. Help me to develop an eternal perspective, not by ignoring what concerns me, but by remembering that what I see is temporary.

Help me to fix my eyes on what is unseen, and in so doing remain focused on You, because everything else on this earth and all that I see is foggy and distorted. Help me to concern myself with the things that matter most to You. Captivate my heart, Lord, and help me to live like a wise person who sees beyond what is in front of me. In Jesus’s name, amen.





motivation is the key here, um where did it go? Inspiration. other keywords, a new dream, vision goals. where did they go and how do I get them back?

So much stuff to do and not much time to do what needs to be done, weird huh? we all rush around like chickens with their heads cut off and we just don’t realize that we have a problem solver, and we just don’t ask!! I sometimes catch myself this way.

… this coming year plan to trust MY problem solver and be quiet in my quiet spot and ask God for my answers, “problems solved!” we pray, he answers, all the time too. says so in His Book…



Thanks Mary for your wishes and blessings, now let’s get down to our list of the New Year’s resolutions (that we not always keep, although we would like too :wink: ) Not sure in which topic this would fit :sweat_smile:


why don’t we just lets do it!! ok?
1 learn something new, be it languages or a new hobby or craft
2 meet new people,
3 make new friends , think thats a good one!!
4 encourage others more
5 be more active
6 get motivated in doing all these things
7 be more thankful and grateful
8 learn to be.more productive, sewing for one thing, ccrochet for another, oh ghosh yes genealogy, get to that one line thats really messed up and gardening, learn to hydroponics, and so on

ok your turn





well christmas is over but found this one and just wanted to share

in the eyes of a lone wolf








Happy new year y’all


ok y’all lack motivation?? me too so heres one that might help us to get out of our slump