Thoughts for you/us to ponder


Yes, the weather is happening like that everywhere.
Here :earth_americas::statue_of_liberty::apple::us:
Summer showed up yesterday.
The day before, it felt like a cool fall, or spring.
Yesterday in the wee hours this happened
in Miami, Florida USA

Always pray :pray:t5:
Stay under God’s :umbrella: umbrella.


I don’t know how to say this, but guess just say it,

if anyone has read & studied the Bible, there are places that says about the weather, the confusion, people fighting against each other, the divisions of families and so on. I am not a town cryer but its there, and really amazing how things are predicted in a “Book” thats been written thousands of years ago!


@frustratedwriter I’m not much of a bible reader nor churchgoer but I read some info about some coding, the talk was about “rapture”, people leaving church which is also happening… I don’t know what to think but 2023 will be something and whether it’s due to foresight/prediction if you evaluate last 20 or 25 years… the world, economy and humans move towards a strange path… therefore count each day you can still live in happiness or just see the good things, it is unstoppable… :rose::sunny::heart:


Ha! There’s more to the term rapture. Imo, they’re reaching the peak of civilization :joy: And, will land back down to Sq¹ :sparkles::wink: yet again! :woman_shrugging:t5::joy:


sim11, I hope you didn’t take offence about that, it was just an obversation to me. and the time is drawing closer… anyway, y’all have a great evening.


Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts just saying!



This always make me get goose bumps, and makes so much more sense.

Episode 17 around 32:00 minute/ I Hear Your Voice
The victim of a crime; her legacy and final words to her daughter

Do you know an Eye for an Eye? A tooth for a tooth?
If we live like that,
everyone in the world,
would become handicapped.


No Mary, no offense at all, I’m for free speech and don’t judge religions as long they don’t harm, as long anyone says opinions respectfully, that’s how it should be. You are always nice and honest and I’m so happy that you can chitchat on Viki at your age, you have my respect and I wish you well and good health for a long time! :four_leaf_clover: :muscle: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


thank you,really so nice to have someone, tell me this.


what’s with your name? I mean why did u choose it? what are u frustrated about? :sweat_smile:


YES. Exactly!


I am a writer, or supposed to be, but at times I lose my train of thought, hit a brick wall, writers block, soooo I am a frustrated writer


hahahahah!! got it
have u published anything yet?


That was a POWERFUL drama, no doubt about it.


sorry to say, not yet


ahhh…some day u surely will…:100:
and when it happens…
can I get a special edition with the author’s autograph? :wink:


well of course, then my other friends may want the same think.