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PAYING FORWARD is something extraordinary.
I drove one day to meet a friend in another town and took the highway where you pay $1 toll, I didn’t buy the easy pass box since I didn’t use this route that often, so I had to drive through the toll booth. I prepared my $1 bill and gave it to the cashier and she says: “The car before you paid for you”. I was first stunned and perplexed and then said: “Oh really, wow that’s so nice, okay, I’m paying for the car behind me”. And as I drove on I was thinking about this and was surprised and felt really really good about this little “gift” someone gave me and that I likely surprised the driver behind me as well, and was chuckling a little bit.

Believe me or not, this happened to me twice. It’s the ripple effect of paying forward that can help or cherish someone sometimes unknown to you, but can make a big difference!

I just remembered as well, I paid once for a coffee to a likely homeless person, many came into the grocery store Market Basket, there was also a place to sit and eat. You could recognize them how shabby they were dressed and unshaved, it was during winter. I was buying a coffee and when I saw the old man in front of me buying coffee as well I just told the cashier that I’m paying for it. - He turned around and you could see his joy in his eyes.
It’s the little things that can make our life great!



love paying it forward


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It always amazes me when someone who is differently abled than me - whether it be an amputee or someone in chronic pain or anyone with difficulties that should hinder them - Do AMAZING things - especially since I don’t know if I could climb the Matterhorn! Makes me want to try more HARD things!



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It is also really to admire what these people achieve. First of all, to develop a greatness within themselves and then to show others that you do not have to surrender to your fate. :heart:

Someone like that deserves all respect



That’s a very touching story and I’ve never heard of such coincidental match and not only one but two at the same time. - I’d say miracle works in mysterious way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.


I hope noone is neglecting the parents. a phone call would be just great



Praying hard helped me accomplish one task that was waiting for months to be done. I woke up at 4:30 am and said ''GOD, please give me the strength to finish this task today. I started without knowing how bc my Lupus gives me a lot of bone pain that can be at times quite unbearable. As I see my bathroom all painted shiny white; besides thanking GOD I realized that nothing can stop me from my painting, cleaning, doing the daily chores I love to do. I must admit that there are days that I can’t get out of bed, but those days I have strength I make up for it, and do as much as I can. New curtains and accessories will be the golden touch.

@frustratedwriter Missing seeing you around …hope all is well. :heart::heart::heart:


Dein Weg ist ein langer Weg, du sieht in der Ferne dein Ziel, das zum Greifen nah für dich scheint, doch der Weg bleibt lang und es ist kein Ende in Sicht. So sehr du dich auch bemühst, wirst du das Ziel jemals erreichen? Wirst du dich irgendwann wieder auf den Weg machen? Es scheint, als würdest du ruhen. Dein Weg liegt im Dunkeln, von Stille umgeben. Kein Wimpernschlag erhellt deine Seele, keine Geste der Fröhlichkeit zeigt sich mehr, eher ummantelt eine Hülle dein Sein. Wo willst du nur hin? :pensive: :heart:

Your path is a long one, you see your destination in the distance, which seems within your reach, but the road remains long and there is no end in sight. As hard as you try, will you ever reach the destination? Will you ever set out again? It seems as if you are resting. Your path lies in darkness, surrounded by silence. No blink of an eye lights up your soul, no gesture of cheerfulness shows up anymore, rather a shell envelops your being. Where do you want to go? :pensive: :heart:


BEAUTIFUL! Did you write this yourself? Profound and so sweet.:hugs:


It just came over me yesterday and had to write
Sometimes it helps a little…
Thank you @angelight313_168 :heart: