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those monkeys look hillarious with that long nose. yeah I have aseen them



Lord Krishna
An indian god


thank you for clearing that up!, no matter the saying is awesome.


My favorite quote from my doctor was, “it can’t really be that bad if you are still working and doing everything you do. “ I told him I didn’t know I had a choice. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Years in pain, tired and the many changes in me for no reason or apparent reason … Hiding everything from someone else, pretending to be doing better than you are; until it no longer works. No matter how strong you want to be.

Then the moment comes when they tell you what you have … You have mixed feelings: you finally know what you have, but how do you deal with it?

Lack of encouragement, wanting to lie down, taking medication frequently; having a whole pharmacy on top of the nightstand.

Then, the daily responses, “Why did you get so fat?” “I have this great diet, if you just go out and exercised.

That once beautiful hair of yours now awful and it falls out.

What happened to you??..

This is all true and that’s why I’m sharing it!
Silent and invisible diseases do exist …
When you have an invisible disease it is difficult to argue from your perspective with ignorant people.
Life takes a lot of turns !!!
Tired of being told:

  • Did you go to the doctor?

  • Have you tried this?

  • Have you tried that?

  • I don’t know what else we can do for you…

Yes! I tried and still try everything !!!

Doctors say this disease is forever. That I will not heal. However, I am not giving up, but I want to make others realize:

  • A nap will not cure me but it will help me …
  • I am not lazy, I take medication and it sometimes makes me sleepy.
  • I am not angry but sometimes cranky with pain.
  • I struggle daily with pain, mobility problems, fatigue, the criticism of my environment.

Most frustratingly, people look at me and say, "It can’t be that bad; you look good "
Despite the fact that my body is experiencing excruciating pain everywhere, of course I look good, I always try to look good, it is an “invisible” disease.
This disease affects me physically, mentally and emotionally. Because rare autoimmune diseases cannot be seen, but we feel them.
And they are there … Silent attack but extra painful.


The following request is sent to the post:

Please, for me and in honor of someone who fights against:

  • -Lupus

  • -MS

  • -Crohn’s Disease

    • Ménière’s Disease
  • -Addisons Disease

  • -Hashimotos Disease

  • -Graves Disease

  • -FND

  • -Depression

  • -Anxiety

  • -Autoimmune disease

  • -Sjogrens syndrome

  • -Polycystic ovary syndrome.

  • -Rheumatoid arthritis.

  • -Chronic pain

  • -Endometriosis.

  • -Multiple sclerosis.

  • -Myasthenia gravis.

  • -Pulmonary hypertension.

  • -Chronic fatigue syndrome.

  • -Diabetes

  • -Fibromyalgia.

  • -Raynaud and Scleroderma.

  • -Neuralgia of the trigeminal

  • -Epilepsy

  • -Cancer

  • -Hypothyroidism

  • -Arachnoiditis

  • -NEAD

  • -Vasculitis

  • -Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency

  • or some other disease you don’t see.


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Awesome scenery!! Great views! :sparkles::wink::+1:t5: :jamaica:

Health is Wealth!

Is this even possible!?! \(◎o◎)/?
Man avoids drinking :sweat_drops: water :sweat_drops:
for 40 years :exploding_head:



Amen sista - I have had migraine headaches since I was 15. I have had three different kinds. Migraine Variants (my side would go numb) regular migraines with vertigo sometimes and I just started having ocular migraines. Do you know how many treatments people send me! Like I wanna have migraines. Recently knock on wood they are starting to shift and hopefully I won’t have as many. But I know plenty of people with auto-immune! Or anxiety, OCD etc. You CANNOT snap out of it.


and some people think all the worse, right? 5thats what I am talking about, I hate putting down people that have any ailments! hope you are doing ok though


God has left the light on for us


As best I can, I try to put my thoughts into English… As it sometimes happens, I wake up in the morning and reminisce about times gone by… Things that you experience and seem so mystical… Guardian Angel, I think everyone has experienced yours? The things between heaven and earth, The spirit world…Through the experience my thoughts search for a way…
And search and when I think the view becomes clearer,
If it gets dark and in the end I only recognize my name… Is it perhaps also similar with any of you???


I like simple thoughts. How about, “Wherever you go, there you are.”



Love It!:blush:



Pirates are the best. True story. :skull_and_crossbones:


beautifully written… :sparkles::sparkles::smile:



Pfizer and Moderna vaccines
. . .Inflammation of the outer lining of the heart. More than 800 of the cases occurred after the second dose, and 65% were linked to the Pfizer vaccine. The largest share of the cases occurred in men under the age of 24, according to the report.


I said some time ago, chemical warfare, Biological warfare, etc etc etc


Folks, I’m worried Europe is experiencing very unfortunate times! The weather is bizarre, rain, rain, and more rain and cold temps over several weeks.
Yesterday a huge tornado was sweeping over certain regions and flattening villages in Czech Republic, an unforeseen event that killed 5 people and injured 200, it looks like a war zone. :astonished::cold_sweat:

In Switzerland huge hail damaged crops and places and some train station, roads and villages are flooded… the water can’t be absorbed it’s crazy…
These is really difficult times when we still deal with Covid19. - And where is summer?? :sunglasses:

Folks be strong, lend a helping hand where you can! The world won’t be ever the same :disappointed_relieved:
Be safe and be blessed :pray: