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very good!!!


What a pretense, lol, but this really could, will be our future… a human will be known with a file full of data… and robots will rule the world :scream::rofl: “It’s quite scary”, I don’t want to witness this… :space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader:


I don’t want it at all! That future is not for me!


These are hard truths, and some people ignore them as hard as they can. My hat is always off to people willing to take a good look at them and learn from them.




The language in writing is Dutch. This is the google translate:
"All names are correct … allatatere , isriwiwiri , alatalabu … and it is indeed a medicinal plant . I saw it in my grandmother’s yard. Next to the house , very try , ia"

I’ll link the audio later in this post. :wink:
Okay! Here is the link!
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what was it used for? as for medicine?



First listen to this short link from medical professionals about our current health focus.

The audio identifies this plant as the cure for our current health focus.
I will post the audio link here, and in the original post above :wink: once I get the audio link.
@frustratedwriter, the link :wink: as promised!
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I had many in particular during winter young and older ones in my backyard, I loved them, they flew few times close to my house.






taking a walk removes those cobwebs accumulated in the brain


Hehehehehe! I’ve had to do a whole lot of walking these last two months. :joy::smile::joy: Looks like I’ve got that much cobwebs to clear :thinking: ? :slight_smile:


today I found something that was interesting, just read it , this is an old one but thought interesting too