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I think about this concept quite a lot, actually. I think most of us, growing up, had this notion that people got older mentally as they aged physically, but now that I am getting older myself, I wonder why we ever think that? Our personality is our personality, and though life experiences may alter us to a certain extent, why would we suddenly be different people just because we are 20, 40, etc. years older? I had one set of grandparents who were very stern, never played with us grandkids and seemingly had no sense of humor about anything, but my other grandma was such a hoot. She loved to play and laugh with us; she had a hilarious sense of humor and even just before her passing near the age of 90, she would tell dirty jokes and talk about the cute guys in her TV programs. (Bet you can’t tell which grandparent I take after, hehe) I continuously say that my brain still thinks I’m in my early 20s, but my body keeps reminding me that those days are long gone. And even as my aging body suffered a freak dish washing injury over the weekend, I still wished that my mom was there to take care of me. I hope my inner child never disappears.


ok heres something else, which I myself discovered today, course I went to Physical Therapy, I l;ike watching people, well these older guys come in and start talking one had those walking sticks, and the other was walking naturally. and of course they had to start asking ages and all,

I didn’t want to say, but they started. one was 80 the other 85, then the 85 guy politely asked me my age, course I told him 74. he called ME a youngun!! hehehe I thought it was funny, they both did not act like they were 80 & 85, young acting I mean! anyway, the one guy started saying this, yiou know how to stay young? just keep moving, doing things. they had balance issues, anyway thats what they were working on, you know those bands and all, well they put them on their ankles and moved side to side. so I churped in, lets go dancing. and the pt’sd laughed, and we the older folk said sure lets dance, the waltz was mentioned, and the fox trott.

but so many people just shut down, give up being getting older, so I hit 74, now a broken arm, so have wanted to just give up. but no I am not, the guys kinda influienced me,

think I am going to the senior center and see if I can relearn to dance again!! sorry this is so long, but just to not give up & keep moving be it walking, genealogy , crocheting, etc hey I baked a cake today! did my own stirring. so just keep moving, that is how you stay young


What a great story! I sure hope I’m still going strong like you and those guys when I get there.


thanks much, y’know a boost helps every now & then


Loved that convo about aging :yellow_heart: :slightly_smiling_face::blush:


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One day a man named Truth and a man named Lie stood by a river just outside of town. They were twin brothers. Lie challenged Truth to a race, claiming he could swim across the river faster than Truth. Lie laid out the rules to the challenge stating that they both must remove all their clothes and at the count of 3, dive in to the freezing cold water swim to the other side and back. Lie counted to 3, but when Truth jumped in, Lie did not. As Truth swam across the river, Lie put on Truth’s clothes and walked back in to town dressed as Truth. He proudly paraded around town pretending to be Truth. Truth made it back to shore, but his clothes were gone and he was left naked with only Lie’s clothes to wear. Refusing to dress himself as Lie, Truth walked back to town naked. People stared and glared as naked Truth walked through town. He tried to explain what happened and that he was in fact Truth, but because he was naked and uncomfortable to look at, people mocked and shunned him; refusing to believe he was really Truth. The people in town chose to believe Lie because he was dressed appropriately and easier to look at. From that day until this, people have come to believe a well-dressed lie rather than believe a naked truth.



After our discussion on aging just a bit earlier, it was a pleasant surprise when the three Grandmas on ‘Hometown ChaChaCha’ basically had the exact same discussion on today’s episode - about what it’s like as our bodies get older but our hearts and minds remain young. One can only hope to have such a wonderful group of friends to grow old with. They were such a lovely part of the drama.


How Neat! Is it Sunset In My Hometown?


It’s from Hometown Cha Cha Cha on Ntflx.


Oh! This one!


That’s the one! It is really good. The last episode airs tomorrow, and I’ll be sad when it’s over.