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1 : You MUSt be a part of a team before this will work.

2: To get into the subtitle section of a movie, go to the movie’s page and click the PLAY button
OR… To get to an episode of a tv show, click the episode link

Once you are in the edit screen…

3: The parts are listed at the bottom. Each part is roughly 10 minutes long.

4: Click SUBTITLE EDITOR at the top left.

5: Select ‘I would like to Subtitle’ button in the upper right and select whichever language you are working in.

6: To see previous edits of the segment you are working in, click the BLUE number at the bottom. (+3)



As you can see from my screen capture above of the home page for Man In Love, there is no tab for Episodes when I look at the page in my browser.

When I go in by clicking the pencil on the trailer, the picture below is what I see in the subtitle editor:


There is no drop down list of parts as there was when I was cleaning presubs for Be Together.

It apparently does not matter how I try to access the subtitles, I am locked out.

I assure you that, no matter what I have tried, I am definitely, completely, utterly, absolutely unable to access subs for Man In Love.

The question remains why.


A few tricks to help you in case of movies:

Click on the play buttoon

Hover your mouse over the Comments icon: (is that called comments? Idk)

Click on the pencil icon

And you’re now inside the editor:

2 Another way
Click on any subtitler’s/segmenter’s profile (I’ll go with Cindy)

Click on her project contributions:

Click on “Subtitle” right below the thumbnail.

You’ll be inside the subtitle editor.

3 Yet another way:

Hover your mouse over the play button, you see that link below?

Open any sub editor from any episode

Copy the video number of the movie into the URL.
As in, this is the link I used:
Change 1185984 with the movie’s video number, 1186171.
This is the link to the movie’s sub editor:-


That is exactly the case. You need to contact someone who has CM or moderator status and in that way the ability to unlock subtitles.

It depends on them to let you work on the subtitles, if the subtitles are really done, some other editor took care, or if they only locked it for safety measures.

Anyway, if you found mistakes, you need to contact them, there is no other way.

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Thank you so much for your help and other options.

I am the CM. Misswillow… You are not locked out of the subtitle section of the MOVIE. Man in Love is a MOVIE not a series. There are no episodes.

You are mistakenly clicking on the trailer. DO NOT CLICK THE TRAILER. The trailer IS locked because the English subs are complete already.

Click the PLAY button to get to the movie’s subtitles.


But I think you are too late now to do much with the English subs on this movie. I will send you a different opportunity via PM. Please take your time looking at it. There is no rush for that one. It is an on-going show. :smiley: