Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


I’m done with my “melodrama” crying my eyes out! Now I’m not sure - do I go back to one of my many I’ve started or start a new one! I need NOT to CRY for a while though!


The Daily Californian

Now that’s funny and I don’t even drink!!!


When I am truly in the need of healing after a particularly painful drama, I usually go back to an old favorite. It’s like comfort food for the soul. Maybe even just some really good scenes from your faves.


This is hilarious too! Done with work - Now on to Kdrama!!! hahahaha!


:joy::joy: This is so ME every time I finish online classes!


I loved that drama! Was so refreshing in many ways :grin:


You made me think about

I couldn’t even finish this one.


Strangely, there is a show by the same name, also from China, on Ntfx, and is only a couple years old. After reading the description, they are both based on the same novel. So is this one a continuation of the previous story but with new actors? Is it actually a retelling of the same story? Weird. I watched the one on Ntfx, and I think I liked it, or at least didn’t hate it.


It’s a retelling of the same story but with some changes.
Like you, I liked the Nflx version so I was excited to see another version of that story with Hu Yi Tian!
But it is bad.


Interesting, thanks for the heads up. :grinning:


I also watched that version (on NF) and thought it wasn’t bad. As I recall, I was able to watch it without skipping scenes or taking a couple of days off.


The ending of Vagabond really frustrated me because it left so many unanswered questions. I, as the viewer, felt more in the know about certain situations, which made me sad because I wanted the main characters to have the same sense of closure. I was also a little vexed because I wanted to know whether they managed to topple the ultimate bad guy!

Loved the plot progression, and the contrast in character personalities. Would love a second season, or a follow up episode but hey, think that’s me being wishful.


I believe there may be a second season in the works. At least that is what I have been reading. I agree. I was so let down by the ending…actually…most of the series. They advertised it as a romance, but there was very little of that. It was mostly action-shoot 'em up stuff which was fine but I was looking for more solid romance between the ML and the FL.


I’m so MAD about the last few episodes of this BL that could have been a GREAT show! Throw the laptop for me. So MAD



Ok I am going to admit that I stopped watching Mr. Queen at Eps 16. I know I need to get back to it. The palace backstabbing and the fact that Choi left her head made me have issues with it and I was LOVING it! I guess I need to go back and give it a finally chance as I know so many who loved it. (And I was in that camp until the last few episodes)


You’re not alone. The first several episodes were downright, laugh-out-loud funny, but then a lot of that comedy got lost in the palace ‘intrigue’ and backstabbing/plotting that I really don’t enjoy. I didn’t feel like it kept its identity as a comedy very well, but I finished it and was happy with it overall.


Ok I’m gonna finish it - I really loved their love scene in the hallway - when they knocked over stuff - but I want to see them get together for real without the comedy! But Choi’s voice was so GOOD! So funny! I miss it!


I don’t want to spoil the ending but there are some beautiful scenes in the last episodes.


Thanks! I am going to finish it this weekend! Or tonight maybe - hahahahahaha! I love the chemistry between the two and the actors are so darn good!


This is true. They pulled me back in after a sluggish middle.