Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


I briefly considered watching that one, but now I will just go ahead and skip it.


Please do that.
It’s main backbone is really good. It’s one of the only marriage-trope dramas I’ve watched where the ML is a NICE guy. Like, a real, proper nice guy. No cheating, no lies, no use of force, no treating FL like a child, no embarrassing her, nothing. The FL was beautiful and not childish or annoying. She never jumped to her own conclusions, she trusted ML, she made good decisions most of the time, she never built up an inferiority complex, she wasn’t a doormat. The issues the writers chose to touch on were thought-provoking. 4

But the story itself was pretty boring most of the time… and some characters were really cringey, I couldn’t watch.


Isn’t it a shame when you finally have a couple that’s written really well but then the rest of the story isn’t great? That’s exactly how the show I have been watching is. That’s why I try really hard to treasure it when I find a drama that has a perfect mix of everything. They are unicorns.


They are unicorns, blue moons, chicken teeth, citizens of Atlantis.


So if @my_happy_place hadn’t given me a 6 episode recap of Memory Love I would be very worried about my laptop. I skimmed through eps 12-17 and watched the last 45 minutes of the final episode. Wow, I don’t know why it’s considered a Rom-Com, I spent most of the time I watched it wanting to throttle one of the main characters, maybe a few funny moments but not a comedy. You can probably tell, I didn’t like it?


There are far too many dramas that are labeled as rom-coms when they are anything but.

I should have mentioned a drama that I recently completed called ‘Nice to Meet You’. I mentioned it in the ‘It got completed anyway’ thread because it was one I had to force my way through for no good reason. LOL It was 53 episodes of jealousy-driven vengeance and sabotage, over and over and over again. It was so infuriating. I spent the whole time wanting to throw my laptop, and I mostly wanted to throw it at myself for not being able to just drop the darn show. :sweat_smile: And this was also a drama that was categorized as a rom-com but I honestly don’t remember one single second of anything remotely funny in those 53 episodes. The only laughing I did was maniacal laughing at how ridiculous it was that the same vengeful character was plotting yet another case of sabotage. :woozy_face::crazy_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



So AFTER LOVING this couple and their chemistry and this QUIRKY SHOW I have to say I want to THROW MY LAPTOP at this ending! UGH - Watch party was so fun but this ENDING - was way to DUMB it was just down right STUPID! UGH UGH UGH




Thankfully we watched it as a group, or else I’d be a lot more mad than I already am. Having my watch buddies took some of the sting out of it.


Yes, the ending SUCKED but the show was cute until the end. We’ll just hire the white truck of doom to go after the rotten script writers and re-write their ending OUR way!


I can’t remember the title but the ending I really hated was a time travel one where the woman came to a fantasy world, went through all kinds of muck and drama, at the end was getting married to her love and at the VERY end, where she was sitting all dressed up in her red bridal dress on her bed, waiting for her soon to be hubby to come and get her - a mystical guy came and took her away.

I was like WTF! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Kind of ending was that?!?



I’m seriously like so MAD right now! LIKE WTF really REALLY that ending made no SENSE! How easy they could have written it so the chemistry stayed in tact. They botched that bigtime! Total 180 degrees mess up.


Oh don’t waste energy on it. It will spoil your day. Just send that white truck after the script writers.



Where is DOOM when I need him! UGH UGH UGH





We Heart it


I need WET HOTTIES after that DUMB ending to DALI TEMPLE seriously I need THERAPY


Yep, you just need to immerse yourself in hotties and happiness after an ending like that. I run as fast as I can to something that I love and that brings me joy and love.


That is so ridiculous!!!


Do they seriously do this on purpose to destroy a show! Don’t they have like people saying - Don’t do that you will make the ratings go down!

I loved the chemistry in Dali Temple and it just fell flat with that dumb ending! I seriously need to go watch something happy - I can’t watch :100: Yet I’m still upset about that!

Where is some chocolate!


Agh! I have been notified that I will be taken to heart jail very soon!



I ask myself that…why they would want to piss of the viewers who have put all that time into the show. On the one hand, it’s the last episode, so the ratings are the ratings at that point, in terms of when it actually airs on TV. But it definitely turns a lot of people away from ever wanting to re-watch it, at least it does for me. I don’t know what kind of role re-watches play in terms of revenue for a show, though, so maybe they don’t even care about that. It could certainly affect how many people may purchase the show themselves, but again, many people may have already purchased it by that point. I don’t know.

And also, there are plenty of people out there who are perfectly okay with endings like that. I am not one of them. I cannot relate.


aw… I get over it and just ignore the sucky endings if I otherwise enjoyed the show. Mainly because I can’t afford a new laptop or a new big screen tv.