Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


My laptop has come dangerously close to looking like that a time or two.

I just remembered that another episode of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha dropped last night and I haven’t watched it. It’s my current happy place. I might be at risk of damaging my laptop by attempting to hug it. (Okay, I think my lack of sleep is officially catching up to me)


OK! All you complainers! I’ve fired the scriptwriters and re-written the script for I’m a Pet at Dali Temple

Sucky Ending Re-writes - I’m a Pet at Dali Temple

First off, we fired the perverse writers who wrote such a sucky ending for a cute drama. They are all in heart-jail pending further justice. The White Truck of Doom is awaiting any who attempt to break out of jail.

Now, for a better re-write for the ending of Dali Temple:

  • As Ru Xiao Lan disintegrates, we close in to see Qing Mo Yan screaming in anguish over losing his beloved one. Scene slowly fades out.
    … scene change
  • A year later, a mournful and depressed Qing Mo Yan turns in his Dali Temple resignation to the Emperor and heads off to the West, following the sunset.
    … scene change
  • We see Ru Xiao Lan asleep in bed. Suddenly she wakes, clutching her heart. She shoots straight up into a sitting position, gasping for breath. Desperately looking around her room, she finally realizes it was just dream. An impossible dream of a love whom she shall never meet in this lifetime.
  • Grieving about her lost love… a fantasy love… she drags herself out of bed and gets ready for class.
  • The scene changes to her waiting for a bus. The bus comes and she gets on. Later she exits near the school and goes to get coffee before class starts. Coming out of the coffee shop she sees a man standing in the middle of the plaza – his hands held slightly out, looking around in confusion. She walks toward him.
  • He turns.
  • She drops her coffee in shock.
  • End


Yes, please. See how easy that was? I approve.



A year later, a mournful and depressed HOTTIE turns in his resignation to the Emperor and heads off to the West -
He is thrust forward into the future threw a worm-hole
His gorgeous self stands up in the middle of the plaza where he turns to see his beloved - confused that he is there but she gazes into his eyes and touches his cheeks and says
“It took you long enough”


Also approved. So many better options than what we got.


Now that wasn’t even HARD!



So let’s make a deal to re-write the endings of sucky shows. Maybe the scriptwriters might take a hint? ( probably not)


Start a thread for rewriting sucky endings!!! I’m sure we have a few we can do!!! :wink:


Ok. I’ll move my Dali Temple over.


I know one in particular that needs a different ending, starring a certain hottie named KangJoonie.


OHHHH Cheese in the Trap
I have too many VIKI will get mad if I do another one!


Just do it anyway. I am in heart jail already so what else can they do? We are RE-WRITING BAD ENDINGS.


Oh my, that was infinitely better. That’s not even an exaggeration.
I wish I’d been able to finish it with you all, it would have made it a little better being able to rant with you all. lol


For some weird reason, I think cdrama writers think it’s cool to put abrupt, crazy endings :flushed: I’ve watched quite a few dramas where everything was completely fine upto the very last scene. And then they MESS EVERYTHING UP. :unamused: It just spoils everything they’ve built up till then. Are they trying to cater to that section of people who love “open, interpretable endings”? I definitely don’t stand with that crowd.

ooh, don’t we have one? or maybe I’m confusing it with MDL. But that’s a really cool thread to have!


Me either. I want clear closure of the happy variety.


lol me too I have started with 100 days Prince too
@kdrama2020ali @my_happy_place !


i have to say 100 days has gripped me on my seat
i think i can complete the whole 16 episodes today itself :rofl:


Ok, it’s not actually the show that makes me want to throw my laptop but the comments in Uncontrollably Fond, why do I still have them on? lol

So many commenters want to ship the youngest siblings. First off, the girl is a spoiled, high maintenance brat who isn’t close to good enough for No Jik. Second, what if down the road they’re still in love and want to marry, that means his family is related to people who actively tried to destroy his sister and threatened his life. They’d have to see and interact with those awful parents. Maybe I’m just being too realistic, it’s a drama after all, but still, No.


My rear end is permanently damaged at the moment from watching :100: days! I love it so much! I am on the last eps! SO GOOD! I hope you continue to like it.


Sorry tried to make a better one but ran out of time, since you are in need I will overlook the quality and hurriedly post it. :wink: