Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


It’s the laws giving them limits to fantasy stories, … I can’t even. So many old Chinese dramas today would not be possible because of these laws.


I was tempted to throw things throughout the whole run of Uncontrollably Fond only the last two episodes made me reconcile with the drama.


That looks like my Kim Jae Wook -!!! Thanks!


All the parents are awful. I don’t tend to like melodramas because of the corruption and horribleness with the parents or some crazy over the top love interest, but I still love Uncontrollably Fond. The commenters also go crazy over the end, I think it’s realistic, how did they think he was going to live? He never went for treatment, I appreciated the way it was done, sure I hated that he died but I still loved the drama.


Started watching K-dramas this year and Something in the Rain made me FURIOUS. The second break up was pointless. Waste of time honestly, just dragging the series. The chemistry and romance was amazing and ending was so disappointing.

Side note: Jung hae-in is yummmy.

Also, Cheese in the trap. STRONG second lead syndrome in this one. So strong that it made me want to throw my laptop when he doesn’t get chosen.


It’s been two years for me, and the anger I have for this one has never dissipated. It probably never will.



Jung Hae In will be doing a Fan Stream on NF on Sat!!! :sunny:


Cuz it is our KangJoonie and I have not even watched it and I’m MAD! CUZ DUH! :smile:



Still MAD about DALI Temple!!! hahahahahaha!


It took me over 2 years to finish watching Cheese in the Trap. ML was seriously creepy. He was more like a villain in this drama than a romantic interest. And second lead, he was so good (reason of my rarely occurring Second Lead Syndrome). Plus the ending was like the writer had himself/herself enough of this show, so the finale was written quickly without a second thought on a lunch break or something.


My thoughts exactly!


It seems most people I interact with don’t actually like this drama, how does it have an 8.7 :star: rating. I guess some people must like it.


All these rates were probably affected by great second male and female leads, Baek sibling was seriously brilliant. :star_struck:


The drama as a whole was not terrible; It just had a terrible ending. Somehow there are people who actually like the ending, too.


I have not personally rated it on Viki and even when I rated it on MDL I was conflicted because SKJ was outstanding, and I would hate to rate it low just because I didn’t like the ending. In truth, even the ML acted his part well, it just so happens that he is a completely unlikeable character.


I rated it as 6, in my scale is low but not tragic. And you are right actors played really well, but I really dislike this open ending (script too cause I got SLS). And it’s seriously frustrating when you’re watching a drama that is okay, sometimes even excellent and then you watch the final episode and you want to steal some tank and drive do Seul just to met screenwriters and made them fix this ending (WOW, 5 “and” in one sentence I really need to fall into Morpheus strong arms :sleeping:)


Ohhhhhhhhh The Prince Who Turns into a Frog is the most throw-the-laptop show I have ever watched :sob::sob::sob: Every time the ML or SFL arrives on screen, I want to pick up my laptop and throw it as far from me as possible. He tORTURES FL like anything, literally tortures her because he’s a pathetic child. And FL isn’t the brightest person ever, either :sob: I have the most severe case of SLS here, and though I never advocate this, I WANT the SML and FL to be together even if they don’t really love each other. I WANT them to pretend they’re together just to see the SFL and ML get jealous. I WANT SML to take over the CEO position and fire ML so the brainless, childish ML and SFL can go completely broke while going on the world-tour-vacation they keep talking about. They make my blood boil :rage:
The second(or should I say third?) couple is my favorite. They’re silly and adorable and the only thing preventing me from LOSING MY MIND :joy:

All right, I apologize for screaming so much. :smile: Have a nice day, everyone!


Okay, so I won’t be watching that one. :joy:


Same here! LOL


ohhhhh I hate him… tortures her and punishes her and treats her like a slave while secretly liking her. Pretends to get drunk and kisses her. WOW. How low can you go? :sob::sob::sob:

thankfully, my favorite character appeared on screen for half the episode and made my day brighter :joy: