Throw The Laptop Shows&or Ending: Which Dramas Made You So Mad


Ok I am so mad to do this - It is not a COMPLETELY throw the lap top but the writer lost their way at the very last 10 or 15 min! Just to shock me and then not explain! I HATE THAT! WHY! This show was outstanding and I highly recommend but the end S@CKED!

the end really UGH!!!



I hear ya sista. It could have been so good at the end but it was another letdown. I don’t know what it is with some of these Asian writers??? I got nothin’. I really did love most of it though and I really liked ML! Oh, well. It’s hard to live up to our Goblin standards, what can I say?


Yes, Yes it is - #1 after more than 95 shows! And still holding strong!

The writer got lazy or something cuz that whole thing made no sense. If you are on probation you can’t go to the US and work - UM NOPE - and how did he survive - he was dead on the table - what happened so dumb - I did like the Wendy getting with the assistant that was sweet! But yep- I didn’t even cry because it was so dumb……not like 2 am watching Another Oh Hae Young and getting hit by a brick!!! That was good!


Yeah, the organ rejection miraculous recovery thing had me baffled too. I keep having to remind myself of what my dear old Dad used to say. ‘They can do anything in a movie’ (or k-drama). So true, even if it is absurd and makes absolutely no sense.


What are you watching right now!?


On ep 12 of Hyena. It kind of reminds me of the K-drama Suits that Myhappyplace recommended. It’s been really good. The ML and the FL dig each other but she keeps putting him off. Super amounts of angst and sexual tension. :wink: They did have a super-hot makeout session (ie: no fish lip kissing here) in the office though (after office hours and she was the aggressor).


My kinda show!!!


I started that one and for some reason dropped it, I don’t think I’ll be picking it back up with your ‘glowing’ review.


For some reason “Go back couple.”
Just finished that one and that ending they pasted in to explain why they time travelled felt so out-of-place to me. I was left feeling annoyed :neutral_face:

The other one isn’t an ending but the start of a drama “Memory Love”. Being chased by loan sharks, car crash, death, amnesia and betrayal all in the beginning of episode 1. Like wow… throw all the tropes in episode 1 then :laughing:. Was really contemplating whether to continue or not, but I did. Edit: there are more WTH moments in this drama :laughing: To cope, I momentarily turn on the TCs :rofl:


LOL I just thought it was a funny spoof. I didn’t really join it to the actual story in my head because it doesn’t really matter HOW they time-travelled.


I’ll be interested in your progress on this one. Let’s just say, for me, it’s a good thing it had an attractive ML who was constantly making delicious looking desserts. That’s what kept me going all the way through the very last WTH moment.


I couldn’t get through that one, I don’t think my laptop would have survived, thankfully @my_happy_place gave me a synopsis of the what was going to happen to each character from where I was to the last episode, so I could just watch the last episode and know what was coming. Last ep stuff - The ‘best friend’ should have gone to jail, but noooo, it’s obligatory to forgive, and then to go so far as to let her continue living with dad and take over the running of his business. wtf is that? Even now it makes my blood boil.



Oh, gosh you made me laugh so much. Thanks.

the WTF? survivors I’ve been there and frustrated for days.

I’m glad your laptop survived this time.


I finally finished it. It dragged so much at the end, even watching it in a faster speed.
Finally read your spoiler. Yeah, I was annoyed with the best friend at first too and thought that they resolved the conflict way too fast, but I had that with multiple things. The best friend did end up becoming a very likeable character though. Nothing wrong with the whole ‘forgiveness’ trope, but the writers / director should’ve worked a bit more on the timing of everything. The drama had lots more things that annoyed me - like really? You are going to continuously scare a heart patient? And just brush it aside like it’s nothing?


So not worth me watching??? :wink:


I wouldn’t say it’s not worth watching…
Maybe someone will enjoy it, but by the end I was happy it was finally over :woman_shrugging:



These two might as well keep shooting arrows at each other because I no longer care about the Main Lead Couple’s Romance - Personally I think the Hottie should find someone else because this girl has no loyalty to LOVE. So throw your laptop on LONG BALLAD’s main Couple!

HOWEVER - The 2nd ML Couple has my TRUE DEVOTION and even some of the side leads romance is WAY better than the main - I don’t know what the writer was thinking.

The Long Ballad is SO worth watching though!!! Love it!


They had the potential of being one of those great, epic loves, but she kept ruining it at every step of the way. For how well the show is written overall, it’s disappointing that this one aspect - an important one - was not handled as well as I would have wanted.


How can she do it all the time? I mean, this is the point where the love story should be epic but she’s like, nahh no yet :woman_facepalming:t3:


Here is what we need to do!!! Let it go!!!

The Main Leads in Long Ballad - just let it go!!!